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Saved:  $770 Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Bella Suite  from  Bella Suite 

We checked in at 13:00 on Friday (11/9/15) and it was packed! We were staying for 6 days so I had a $50 ready. Was sent over to a young lady clerk. I said that we had a reservation (through Travel Republic) – she then asked for my ID and Credit Card ($50 sandwiched between) As I handed it over she took it out (Nb. there were manager’s everywhere!) she asked if I wanted change from my $50 to which I said “See what you can do”.

She upgraded us to a double suite in the Palazzo with a Strip view (a value of £1200, £500 more than we had paid) and gave us a late check out (4pm) as our flight wasn’t until 21:25.

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Saved:  $100 Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Luxury Suite  from  Luxury Suite 

I arrived to the Venetian on a Sunday about 4 pm. It was a bit packed so i could not really chose the front desk person. Usually I’m not a person who handles rejection to well so i was hesitant about even doing this. But as i approached the front of the line i figure i let them tell me “no” instead of me. So i slid in $40, because i had two rooms. Apparently they are no strangers to this. The young female latina about 25 yrs old knew what this $$ was all about. She began making small talk and typing away. Unfortunately for me, she did not step away from her station to talk to someone, like others that have received great rooms have described. She just kept on typing, while my $40 sat under her note pad. after she was wrapping it up I asked her ” so what type of room are these?” She was shy of winking at me when she said, “these are strip view rooms and here are some vouchers ” (free room service breakfast and coffee at some shop….big “woo-deee-daa” i was more eager to see the room. When we go there we got a partial strip view room facing one building overlooking the roof of the casino and the other partial strip view overlooking the pool (i didn’t get that one) After my big dissapointing reveal I’m guessing my original room was facing the mountains or in front of another venetian tower. The layout of the venetian is not pretty unusual to begin with. I think that only the end of the hall suites are the ones with the full view view.. So like i said before, i don’t know if i got hooked up or scammed. This does not discourage me though. i will continue to work the sandwich until i get my fill. At least she didn’t not say NO. Beatiful hotel and rooms.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Palazzo Siena Suite  from  Piazza Suite (comped) 

Arrived about 12:30. Little choice as to clerks as there was a line, but managed to get a younger female. Was handed back the 20 at first and asked if it was supposed to be there, to which I replied yes. The 20 vanished and she started typing. We chatted a little, and she mentioned
that my originally booked Piazza suite was not ready yet. Was offered a Prima suite at first, but knowing that those rooms hadn’t been renovated I then I asked if there was anything at Palazzo.

She found a Siena suite that was ready, and mentioned it was slightly smaller than the Piazza (which I didn’t mind as it retails for much more than a Piazza) and a phone call later I was on my way up to a very high floor of the Palazzo!

The Siena suite was lovely, but this particular one didn’t have a view of the strip nor any exercise equipment like some do. The shower was AMAZING to say the least with 5 shower heads!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  palazzo siena  from  venetian piazza 

Checked in about noon. There was a line so there was little choice, but I almost got an older female. Put the $20 sandwich on the counter, and when she separated the ID from the credit card she handed the 20 back for a second until I quietly suggested it was for her. It then vanished.

A bit of typing and a phone call later and I was off to the 46th floor of the Palazzo.

The Siena suites cost a lot more than Piazza yet are slightly smaller but are apparently a lot nicer.

Didn’t have a view of the strip but that’s fine with me.

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Palozzo Luxury Suite 19th Floor- Strip View   from  Luxury Suite  

I arrived at the hotel early (around 2pm), there was no line but all the front desk clerks were busy. Suddently .. drum roles.. a young gal call me over. I told her i had RSVP for the Venetian. I proceeded to give her my ID and C/C and $50 bill in between and ask do you have any complimentary upgrades available? And her response Oh yes! Let me check… went to her computer and started typing away. She offered me the same room but over at the Palazzo with beautiful stip view and view of the fountain/pool. She also allowed us for a later check out time (2PM), which was NICE. She gave us our room key then proceeded to give me about 6 complimentary drinks at several locations. Overall i think this trick was well worth it!! Try it everyone!!

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Luxury Suite/32nd Floor with view of strip; comp.drink tickets and waived resort fee  from  Luxury Suite/View 

My flight arrived early into Las Vegas, and everything between getting my luggage and airport shuttle to the hotel ran flawless to the point I arrived at the Venetian by 11am. There were two lines when I arrived, a longer line for check-out, and a short one at the concierge area to check-in where a manager directed me right to an available person.

Before entering the hotel, I had the $50 ready to go between my DL & credit card. I was staying six nights and felt $20 wouldn’t get me anywhere. Having it my pocket, I made small talk with the lady who was checking me in. She asked me about my flight and what brought me to Vegas; I in turn asked if we could see if my room was ready. When she asked for the DL & credit card, I gave her the sandwich. Without hesitating, she typed away and told me she was moving a few things around, and found a ready room on the 32nd floor of the Venetian Tower. She said it was the highest floor before the penthouse suite floors come into play. In addition, I received four complementary drink tickets and when checking out, learned the resort fee was waived at check-in.

The room itself overlooked the entire southern end of the strip; including the mountains and airport. The floor was non-smoking and outside a couple minor occasions at the beginning of the trip, the floor was very quiet. People I met at the pool complained the middle and lower floors were very noisy, and I felt fortunate about my situation.

At the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I truly had an upgrade. However, at the end, I believed I got one in more ways than one.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  33rd Floor/Resort Fee Waived  from  Bella Suite 

Got the standard suite via Priceline but called to get the Bella Suite for an additional $30 a day + tax. I arrived around 3pm on a Friday and it was a busy time for the check-in counter. Was told to approach the mid-20 female. Gave her the $20 and she told me that everything was full. I asked to waive the resort fee and she complied and upgraded me to the 33rd floor. She was very friendly, so even though I wouldn’t value the view at $20, she was still worthy of a tip for her level of customer service.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Rialto Suite  from  Luxury Suite 

The Venetian has somebody to assist you finding the next clerk, so it was difficult to select my own clerk. The clerk I was assigned to was a young male in his 20s, so I got lucky.

The clerk didn’t blink an eye with the sandwich and slipped the $20 under the keyboard like a professional card shark. I hardly noticed the move.

I asked for the complimentary upgrades for one or both of our rooms. One room was already a Piazza Suite with two beds and they didn’t have any better rooms that had two beds.

The other was upgraded from Luxury Suite to Rialto. I paid $149/night booked from the hotel site (yeah, I know!) so I reminded the clerk I paid a full fare. So he comp’d the resort fees for both room on all nights. We also got a gold and platinum coupon book, which has much better deals (and lots of free stuff) than their standard book.

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Bigger Suite / Higher Floor / View on Strip  from  Luxury Suite / King Bed / no View on Strip 

We were a group of 4 People. The night before (while resting at Bryce Canyon) we booked 2 Luxury Suites (cheapest offer) at the Venetian on their official website. We arrived at the hotel in the afternoon on a tuesday. Right at that time, there were many people checkin-in so we had to wait some minutes. Therefore we couldn\’t choose a specific clerk, instead he waved us to his desk whenever he was done with the previous customer. Feeling a bit silly, I handed im over the passports and our credit cards. In between was a 50$ bill. Without asking for a complementary upgrade, he right away knew what we were looking for and startet entering some informations on his computer while chatting with us. Few minutes later he gave us the keys to a superior room. He was very friendly. We were totally happy! It sure was worth the 50 bucks spent. We\’ll sure come back to the venetian.

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Scott P
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  suite at the Palazzo  from  suite at the Venetion 

Arrived at the Venetian at 8:30am in the morning. Didn’t really target a clerk but got a very pretty young lady and felt I got lucky with that. She initially said that our room will not be ready until 2-3 pm that day. I then hit her with my $20.00 sandwich. I simply slid it towards her and asked if there were any upgrades available. She smiled and starting typing away. She came up with the same grade of room in the new Palazzo(sister building next door) with a gorgeous mountain/ strip view. And room was available immediately. Good investment.

As a side note – when we got to the room we noticed some wall repairs that they forgot to paint. I mentioned this to our clerk and she proceeded to credit me $20.00 night for a total of $120.00 credit. I didn’t ask for anything so think she offered due to the sandwich. Net return on my $20.00 – $100.00 and a gorgeous room at the Palazzo.

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