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Saved:  $$150 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Studio Fountain View Suite  from  Studio Suite 

Showed up to the front desk an hour early and just waited for whatever clerk was available.
She was very kind and I paid close attention to what she did with the situation. The bill was between the two cards.
I noticed she separated the bill to her left and my ID/Credit Card on the screen of her computer.
My guess was she did that in case she could not upgrade me at least she could return the bill

I actually didn’t talk about any upgrades, at this point I feel all clerks kind of get the hint.
Our clerk then asked if I was looking for a bigger room or a view.
We chose the view and was upgraded in my opinion to one of the best upgrades for the $20 offered.

I was also very kind and talkative with her just to make everything smooth.

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Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Executive Corner Suite  from  Studio Suite 

I actually booked my room through Hotwire so I wasn’t too sure if they would provide an upgrade but I tried with the $40 tip sandwiched between my credit card and DL – it worked! We went from the base level room (i.e. Studio Suite) to the Executive Corner Suite which had a really nice tub with separate glass shower. Additionally, it had a living room, sliding doors that separated the bedroom, a kitchen, and another half bath. We loved Vdara, it’s easy to get everywhere – it’s next door to Aria.

Was this an epic upgrade?