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Treasure Island (AKA 'TI') features some of the best entertainment in Vegas, rooms are cozy, prices are fair.

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95 Reports From the Treasure Island Hotel Front Desk

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  • Room Booked: Deluxe King
  • Room Upgrade: Deluxe King Corner Strip View
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2012-11-05

Jackpot! Gant Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade


Checked in at 1:30 PM. Short line. Took the first available clerk. Handed $20 between the cc and dl and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades. She said "Sure". After clicking on her computer for a minute or two she offered me a high level corner room (Room 32-073) with a strip and mountain view. Also offered a free bottle of champagne, 2 for 1 buffet and other 2 for 1 coupons for TI restaurants. She said the upgraded room normally would have been $30 per night. She was very nice and the process was hassle free!

  • Room Booked: Standard
  • Room Upgrade: Corner Room on the 34th floor awesome strip view
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2012-05-25

Jackpot! Robert Wins at TI! Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade


Got there Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. Line wasn\'t long (surprisingly), nice younger girl helped us out. She was very pleasant right from the beginning so when my husband slipped her the sandwich and asked if there were any upgrades, she thanked him for the $20 and said she would check and see what she could do. She ended up putting us on one of the highest floors in a corner room that had huge windows with a PERFECT view of the strip! She had champagne sent up to our room and gave me a coupon for 30% off at the Spa! I ended up getting a wonderful massage for a fraction of the cost! If we get her next time, I may try a $50 sandwich, maybe that will get us a suite ;) Awesome, totally made our trip more memorable and it only cost us 20 bucks :)

  • Room Booked: standard room
  • Room Upgrade: corner room strip view top floor
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2012-05-12

Jackpot! zebby Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade


We book directly at the hotel website a 50% off offer. Arrived at the hotel at 7 pm, 1 couple in the waiting line. Only 1 clerck for this saturday night. Give bill with my id and credit card and ask for complimentary upgrade as it was our wedding birthday (true). And it worked. Nice corner strip view. Really love ti !

  • Room Booked: Deluxe Room
  • Room Upgrade: Junior Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2012-03-25

Jackpot! Shakes Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade


It was very late...1 am or something like that.

I was very sure, that the sandwhich-trick would not work at all...but I was so tiered and I had nothing to I put the 20$-bill into my passport and just said: "Is there a chance for a free upgrade?"...and I got a suite- a very huge suite with two bathrooms-just for me ;-)

  • Room Booked: unsure
  • Room Upgrade: 25th floor w/view of strip
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2012-01-20

Jackpot! Vegas Cougar Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade


Got there at 8am in the morning- couldn't check in until 11am. Got breakfast and starbucks coffee at the corner and hung out on the strip for a few hours. Came back at 11 and the check-in line was crazy. Waited in line for 30 minutes and was helped by an asian girl in her late 20's or early 30's. Slipped her the $20 dollar sandwich with our printout of the reservations we got through a Groupon deal, with our Credit card and ID. As soon as saw the tip, she glanced up at us with a grin( Could see she was surprised yet happy about the tip). Placed the tip on the side of her table. I asked if there were any upgrades and she responded by saying "I am checking right now." End result of our $20 bucks: free comp. champagne, 2 free buffets, 2 tickets to B1G1 free buffet tickets, upgraded room to the 25th floor with a fantastic view of the strip. On top of that, our groupon deal gave us $50 dollar food/drink voucher to anywhere in the hotel and a $30 spa credit per person. I would definitely do this again! =D

  • Room Booked: Standard Deluxe
  • Room Upgrade: Standard Deluxe
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 25
  • Check-In: 2011-11-12
  • Booked at: Priceline

Jackpot! Sunny D Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade
Booked Via Priceline


Before going on this trip - I googled everything from getting free upgrades on planes to hotels - I found this page, its success rates, and other guests stories and decided to give it a try myself.

By the time I got there, it was 3pm (their check-in time) and it was extremely busy! ALL of the counters were opened for service - (all ladies) - At this time I thought, "Cool! girl-to-girl... No pressure!" (although, I was so nervous inside for it being my first time to try it). However, as luck would have it, a gentleman came up and out from somewhere wearing a suit and called me over to serve me. ....and of course by this time I was like "crap - this is not gonna fly with a manager!" .... but I tried it anyways. When he asked me for my cc and id, I simply handed him the sandwich but loss my words. Nonetheless, he immediately brightened and said "Oh, thank you very much! I'm going to treat you real nice!

I think it wasn't until another 5seconds later before I realized I was holding my breath - but you just couldn't keep me from smiling... and when he said that he got the same room for me on the penthouse level with strip view- i was practically grinning ear to ear! =) I also told him (with proof on id) that it was going to be my friend's birthday and that we were celebrating in town - and so he threw in a free bottle of champagne!

It was definitely worth it and I will definitely try it again!

  • Room Booked: Deluxe (standard)
  • Room Upgrade: Deluxe (standard) - corner panoramic room
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 31
  • Check-In: 2011-10-06

No Dice For Dan at Treasure Island...


My wife and I were called over to a very friendly looking chap and we all said hello etc and exchanged pleasantries - so far so good.

I slipped him my credit card and driving licence with the $20 in the middle and he put them all out on his console in front of him.

We said that we were there celebrating my 40th birthday (this was true although I pointed out that we came 2 months early as we wanted to get the warmer weather - the date on my driving licence confirmed this was true). I got the impression though that he hears this sentence all the time and I'm not certain he believed me.

I said that we wondering if he was able to offer us any complementary upgrades. He said lets have a look. He tapped a way at his keyboard for a bit and then said OK, I can give you a strip view corner room on the 25th floor which has 2 windows instead of just the one. He also pointed out that because it was a corner room it meant that the room dimensions were bigger than a normal standard room. The room had a great view of the Mirage/strip from one window, and the Palazzo/Venetian out of the other window.

He did say as well that this was only possible because we were checking in on a Thursday afternoon and had it of been later in the week, then we wouldn't have got anything (just a normal standard).

We thanked him and he thanked us for the tip and slipped it in his shirt pocket.

The room was indeed bigger with great views (could even see the Bellagio fountains spirting high) so I'm glad we tried the trick. Maybe I should have tipped a fifty though in order to get a suite?

Having said all this, I can't be sure that had I of simply asked for a corner room in the first place, he may of given it to me without the need for a tip. Other people have mentioned getting a free bottle of champagne or free buffet vouchers but we didn't get any.

All in all, I was happy to secure a superior corner room for 5 nights at a cost of only $20.

  • Room Booked: Standard
  • Room Upgrade: Strip View - Upper Floor
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 25
  • Check-In: 2011-06-27

Jackpot! Barry Z. Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade


We checked in to Treasure Island at about 5:00PM on a Monday afternoon. We got the first clerk that was available, a black woman in her late 20's.

We had booked two rooms on Southwest Vacations at a $39.00/night rate (plus the $20.00 resort fee, of course). It was my youngest daughter's 21st birthday, and I had my wife and three adult children in tow. We knew that this was a standard room with a promotional rate, so didn't expect a great room.

I did not give her the "sandwich." She eventually said, "I've got your rooms right next to each other on the 4th floor." At that point I asked if she had any complimentary upgrades available. I then added, "I'd be happy to show my appreciation," the universal code for, "I am willing to tip for what I'm asking for."

She immediately went to work and said, "I've got two rooms with a strip view on the 29th floor that are very close to each other. Would that be allright?" I thanked her and tipped her the $20.00 when we had the keys in hand.

While we were waiting, the couple checking in next to us got a 4th floor room. We're glad that it was occupied.....but not by us!

The room was excellent, if a bit small, but the view was great and we realy felt like we got terrific value for the upgrade tipping.

  • Room Booked: Standard Deluxe
  • Room Upgrade: Standard Deluxe-Strip View-29th Floor
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 46
  • Check-In: 2011-05-09
  • Booked at: Priceline

Jackpot! Stephanie Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade
Booked Via Priceline


We were in a 30 minute line-up at approx 11am. There were 2 clerks working, and we were waived over to an older lady, with Red hair. She asked for my name, then my CC and Id, which I had a $20 slipped in between. I immediately asked her, if she had any complimentary upgrades available, as we were here for my 40th B-day. She took my ID, and left the $20 and CC on the desk between us, and started typing away. She said she has a room on the 29th floor, a Strip VIew , which was worth #30 more per night. We thanker her, and she also offered us a Complimentary Bottle of CHapagne to be delivered for the Special Occasion. She then asked me if I need change from the $20, and I said no, and she thanked me. Easy Peasy!!!

  • Room Booked: regular room
  • Room Upgrade: executive suite
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2011-04-19
  • Booked at: Travelocity

Jackpot! amanda Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade
Booked Via Travelocity


I was a little hesitant about doing this but figured I was planning on loosing more than $20 on the slots so i went ahead and had faith. We chose a young girl my age so i would be able to chat and be friendly. As i handed her the sandwich I asked if there were any complimentary room upgrades. She said thank you and told us she would check. After punching in on the keyboard, she said, yes there is. That was the only thing she said. She thanked us and told us to enjoy our stay. We went up to our room and were AMAZED!!! We had our own private entrance. As we walked in and down our hallway we notice we had TWO bathrooms and the room was amazing. From now n I will be doing this to every place I stay in Vegas

  • Room Booked: Cheapest
  • Room Upgrade: Strip view
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 25
  • Check-In: 2010-12-09
  • Booked at: Travelocity

Jackpot! Andrew Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade
Booked Via Travelocity


Went to Vegas in December with friends who were occupying two other rooms. We were checking in late and paid for the cheapest option on Travelocity. When we got there, ALL of the King-Non-smoking rooms were taken and my friends who did not try the sandwich trick got rooms with two queen beds and a view of the freeway for the three nights we were there. When I checked in, I handed the guy the sandwich (CC, DL, $20) and he put the twenty back on the counter--which I left there and didn't pay any attention to it. He told me they were out of king beds in the room style we paid for but he would take care of the $30/night to upgrade us to king-non-smoking with a strip view on a higher floor. When the transaction was completed, I said thank you, he said the same and he disappeared the twenty hehe. So it wasn't a grand slam upgrade to the penthouse, but I was very happy with my king bed and strip view and my friends couldn't believe that a $20 made my stay so much better than theirs :) !

  • Room Booked: Standard King
  • Room Upgrade: Deluxe King w/strip view 28th floor
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2010-11-16
  • Booked at: Expedia

Jackpot! Dave Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade
Booked Via Expedia


Went to first available clerk, a young slightly heavy black lady. Was early for check in at 1:00 but tried to check in anyways. Handed the clerk my license and a 20 underneath and asked if any free room upgrades were available. She put the license and the 20 on her keyboard and typed for a minute and asked if we minded a high floor and waiting an hour for the room. I said the higher the better and we would be happy to wait. She gave us a 2 for 1 drink coupon and we gave the bell man out front our luggage while we went for a drink and checked out the hotel/casino for an hour. Completely satisfied with the experience.

  • Room Booked: Deluxe Room
  • Room Upgrade: Deluxe Room - Strip View
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2010-10-15

Jackpot! JJae Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade


So when we first came in there was only 1 lady checking people in and we didn't think tipping would do so well with her. So we walked around, used the restrooms and came back. More people. Stayed in line and specifically waited for one young gentleman that was laughing and being jovial with the customers. We actually let others pass us so we can wait for him. But then another young lady stepped up and so we went with her instead. Gave her the cards with a $20 inside and just waited a couple seconds as she typed away. Then I asked if any upgrades were available. She said sure, I think we can accommodate that. She upgraded us to a Strip View room and gave us free champagne. Good enough. We were on the 31st floor and had a STUNNING view of the strip and the pool beneath us. So... I guess it comes out to about a $50-70 upgrade for $20. First time, won't complain but I'll definitely try this again and be more specific with what I'm hoping to get.

  • Room Booked: A normal room
  • Room Upgrade: Panoramic view room on 36th floor
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 31
  • Check-In: 2010-10-01

Jackpot! Frederik Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade


We just arrived all the way from Denmark and did not get to the hotel until 10 PM. There were no people in line, but I had to get ready for the sandwich for the clerk.
We got to the desk and said that the four of us had 2 rooms. He asked for my last name and found it. I gave him my passport and cc with a $50 in between and asked if he had any upgrades. After 5 min. he had found 2 rooms for us on the 36th floor with a view to the mountains. He said it was usually $40 extra a night per room. So a total of $640 upgrade for $50.
Not bad a all. We did not get anything else, but the privacy on the 36th floor was great. You need to use your key in the elevator to access the floor. It gets a lot of attention.
The clerk kept saying thanks for taking care of him all the time.

Thank you for a great Front Desk Tip. I had never thought about it before.
But it sure worked, and Vegas is a great place to try it out.

  • Room Booked: Got a FREE room offer.
  • Room Upgrade: Penthouse floor with an awesome view
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2010-09-08

Jackpot! Jan C Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade


Had a "comp" room from an offer I got in the mail.
Got to the hotel, did the twenty dollar sandwich. Desk clerk was thrilled to make sure we had a good time. Gave us a room on the 36th floor (penthouse floor) and a ton of free coupons to use!!

  • Room Booked: Regular Room
  • Room Upgrade: Strip view, 33rd floor
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 25
  • Check-In: 2010-08-22
  • Booked at: Expedia

Jackpot! Pasqualie Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade
Booked Via Expedia


Went to the first available clerk, gave them the sandwich. He left the money folded up on his keyboard and started typing away. We ended up getting 33rd floor (of 36) with a strip view, complimentary champagne, and numerous 2-for-1 coupons to use within the hotel. It was definitely well worth the $20.

  • Room Booked: Standard Mtn. View
  • Room Upgrade: Corner strip view 29th floor
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 31
  • Check-In: 2010-08-20

Jackpot! Dan Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade


While waiting in line pretty much everybody seemed like a tight A except for one guy.. Just as I got to the front of the line the people he was helping walked away so without even being waved over I walked over to him.. Made some small talk and then asked for the complementary upgrade.. Even before handing him the sandwich he said he would check.. Im wondering if I would have got the upgrade regardless.. But I can't really complain bc it was a $30/night x 3 nights.. Well worth it.. Had a great view of the city center/dtown vegas on one side and the pirate show and pollazzo/Venetian on the other..

  • Room Booked: Basic Room
  • Room Upgrade: VIP Floor Access and view of the Monte Carlo Volcano and Strip
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2010-05-26

Jackpot! DM Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade


It was about 5:30pm in the evening, just asked if they had any rooms that faced the Mirage volcano and the strip that were high up. Had to wait 10 minutes while it finished getting cleaned, I said no problem

  • Room Booked: Comp - Run of House
  • Room Upgrade: 36th Floor Executive Level
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 18
  • Check-In: 2010-01-29

Jackpot! Paul Treanor Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade


My employer earns comp room nights based on the number of guests booking room nights for our conferences and meetings. Typically, these comp rooms used by employees are the worst (view of air conditioners, room next to ice machine or elevator, etc.) If the hotel has to give away a room they aren't going to put a non-revenue guest in a suite or even a deluxe room. So, for the first time I got the nerve to try the $20 sandwich. I checked in at 7pm on a Friday night and handed over the license and credit card with the $20 between and asked if I could have an upgrade to the 36th floor. He smiled and said "you are in a comp room" and I felt my heart sink. He did a lot of keying on the computer and told me my Executive level 36th floor room was ready and did I want a mountain or strip view. Got it! He explained the 36th floor is usually an additional $40/night but said he appreciated me as a guest, while slipping the $20 bill into his pocket. Vaulted ceiling, spectacular view but the best part of it all is no riff-raff riding the elevators and stopping on every floor.

  • Room Booked: deluxe room
  • Room Upgrade: panoramic view room
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2010-01-10

Jackpot! tobie t. Got A Treasure Island Room Upgrade


I arrived in Vegas early around 9am and figured I would check in early at TI, but I come to find out I can't till 11am. I went to grab breakfast and came back to the check in line to find it already twenty people deep. There were five clerks, two young clerks and the rest were older. I actually let two people cut my to get a younger clerk. I gave her the sandwich with the 50 and asked if there were any complimentary suites open, specifically asking for the luxury or premiere, a push but its sunday and people were checking out for the weekend. She said they were all locked and could upgrade me to the panoramic view room which was a $40 upgrade every night. I asked if there was anything else, she said this was all she could do. She said would comp me a bottle of "champagne" (it cost five bucks, j roget brut..lame..). I pushed for spa passes also figuring since I didn't get the suite. No luck, once again.. she said she'll help me out, but ended up only getting me a free break buffet for two. In the end, I did get the upgraded room (albeit really nothing more than a better view ), free sparkling wine, and buffet for two but I expected more with a $50 sandwich. Looks like I'll have to it at higher end hotels, mainly five stars. Word of advice, push for all you can get with the clerks. Good Luck!!!!


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