Riviera Hotel Room Upgrades

How Do Vegas Insiders Get $1,000+ Room Upgrades for $20?

We'll tell you how to master the 'front desk tip' - AKA the '$20 sandwich trick' - to get Riviera room upgrades in Vegas for a fraction of the hotel's regular price.

Riviera is an old school gambling, cheap drinks, on-site chapel. Entertainment includes a Neil Diamond tribute and comedy club.

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14 Reports From the Riviera Hotel Front Desk

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'All Time' Upgrades: 79% (11/14)

  • Room Booked: Classic
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Deluxe
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 36
  • Check-In: 2010-12-31
  • Booked at: Priceline

Jackpot! Cari Got A Riviera Room Upgrade
Booked Via Priceline


Well, I feel like a schmuck now that I read that I should have tipped her! Last NYE the hubby and I checked in to the Riviera for 3 nights and gushed about how we loved Vegas, then chit chatted on how it was my husbands birthday (it really is 12/31/1969) and how out flight was delayed and we missed all the festivities on the strip on NYE for heavens sake! We got the room for super cheap on PL already, then she upgraded us to the nicer tower room. And it was really nice! I know know that this NYE - in like a few days, we will make sure to tip for that possible upgrade! We'll let you know how it turns out!

  • Room Booked:
  • Room Upgrade:
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 31
  • Check-In: 2010-12-19
  • Booked at: Expedia

No Dice For Kyle P at Riviera...
Booked Via Expedia


No upgrade was given by a 30-something year old lady from the Philippines. She said no upgrades were available and gave the money back.

  • Room Booked: Monaco Tower
  • Room Upgrade: N/A
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 36
  • Check-In: 2010-11-07
  • Booked at: Travelocity

No Dice For Jameson at Riviera...
Booked Via Travelocity


The Riviera has gone to almost completely automating the whole check in and check out process I tried to get around using their automatic machine and flagged down the clerk nearest to me and laid my sandwich on the counter and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available. I received a rude, "your room is already an upgrade."

Well, not really. The room itself wasn't bad but the view was probably the worst in the entire hotel. I called the front desk when I got to my room (there were some minor issues with it also) and asked if there was a way for me to switch. No go. I received another rude response of, "Everything's booked. click" Over the course of the next several days I tried calling the front desk a few more times (for a few other reasons but thought I'd try again) and there wasn't even an answer.

Definitely wasn't impressed with this hotel- the staff was rude, the food sucked, and so did the gambling. Lame lame lame

  • Room Booked: Standard
  • Room Upgrade: Tower with a view
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 46
  • Check-In: 2010-02-22
  • Booked at: Local Agent

Jackpot! joe Got A Riviera Room Upgrade
Booked Via Local Agent


I went to the front desk when we arrived at the hotel about 11:pm. There was only one clerk on, an older gentleman who didn't seem overwhelmed to see us lol. I had already decided to give the 'sandwich' a try so I slide him my drivers licence and credit card and ask if by some chance there might be an upgrade available. He said he would look and then said "I can move you into a tower room with a view of the strip." The room we got was nice, and the view was alot better than it could have been from other rooms. I really don't know if this was the room we would have got without using the 'sandwich' trick but for 20 bucks it was worth the chance. After all it's vegas and seemed like a great bet.
Thanks for the tip.

  • Room Booked: Standard single
  • Room Upgrade: Large double with fridge
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 36
  • Check-In: 2009-06-13

Jackpot! Donkey (nickname) Got A Riviera Room Upgrade


Checked in on a friday evening. Wanted a fridge in the room and two beds, but was told on the phone a few days earlier that the fridge alone would be $80 for my stay, @ $20/night. I was pissed, but figured I'd have to live without it. I saw a note about the $20 upgrade on a discussion forum and decided to try it. I'm a cheap bastard, so I only put $10 on the counter in plain sight when I asked for the fridge and two beds. The clerk was very pleasant, made a phone call, and it was arranged. The room was very large and nice with a pool view, and was high up enough to offer a nice view of the mountains. Awesome!

  • Room Booked: Standard room
  • Room Upgrade: Standard room
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 36
  • Check-In: 2009-02-27

No Dice For T.K. at Riviera...


Now they use automated check in system, staff won't even have a chance to see your DL and CC. I couldn't find a chance to slip her my tips. Riviera is so run down.

  • Room Booked: standard room
  • Room Upgrade: petite suite
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 36
  • Check-In: 2008-12-29

Jackpot! Ubl84work Got A Riviera Room Upgrade


Presented the $20 "sandwich" to the clerk and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades. I was not hopeful as it was 2am and close to new years eve, but was very surprised to be upgraded to a petite suite. I was polite and friendly, which always helps when asking for a favor.
Rack rate for this room was $500, and we stayed for 3 nights. SCORE!

  • Room Booked: Two bed room
  • Room Upgrade: One bed suite
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 31
  • Check-In: 2008-08-29

Jackpot! James Got A Riviera Room Upgrade


They have automated check-in's now so make sure you try to wait til a clerk is available. Do the usual "complimentary upgrade" thing. The whole story was true and we ended up with a king size bed in a two bedroom suite. :)

  • Room Booked: standard cheapest
  • Room Upgrade: signature room (newly renovated)
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 25
  • Check-In: 2008-08-12

Jackpot! Steve Got A Riviera Room Upgrade


She was surprised to get the tip, then stated it would be her pleasure to give an upgrade.

  • Room Booked: Standard
  • Room Upgrade: Petite Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: male / 36
  • Check-In: 2008-03-22

Jackpot! Alex Got A Riviera Room Upgrade


Checked in around 2pm on saturday.
Asked for a complementary upgrade and when the clerk saw my 20$ he said "Sure!".

  • Room Booked: Standard
  • Room Upgrade: Mini suite in newer tower
  • Hotel Clerk: male / 46
  • Check-In: 2007-10-21

Jackpot! Dr. Dave Got A Riviera Room Upgrade


Slipped the $20 between my license and credit card and pleasantly asked "Do you have any complimentary upgrades available?" Just like the instructions, and it worked like magic. The clerk kept the bill out of sight, typed for a couple minutes, then ran off to the back room. When she came back she said "Here's the key, the room will be ready in about an hour." The room was quite a bit bigger than the standard room, with a great big couch and table in the sitting area, extra large desk, and a room safe (which is not available in all the towers). For my 4-day stay, it only cost me an extra $5 per day for this upgrade.

  • Room Booked: Two-bed Standard Room (Conference rate)
  • Room Upgrade: Two-bed Large Room w/ Refrigerator
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 25
  • Check-In: 2007-04-21

Jackpot! Dro Got A Riviera Room Upgrade


We had reserved a two-bed standard room as part of a conference at this rundown hotel. There are very limited true "upgrade" opportunities at this property, but some rooms are better than others, and a few renovated rooms are larger, and feature a refrigerator and iron/ironing board.

The clerk asked for credit card and ID, and I put a $20 in between the two. I asked her, "Do you have any complimentary upgrades available?" She check the ID, then put both ID and $20 back on the counter. She said, let me check, and after about a minute said that she would be "right back" and disappeared into the back room. A couple minutes later she came out and offered a couple options. The second option was one of the "nice" two-bed larger rooms with refrigerator. But, she said it was a smoking room. (We had reserved non-smoking.) We took the offer. It was quite decent I there was zero smoke odor.

After we accepted and I signed the agreement, I pushed the $20 back over a little bit, and she picked it up upon issuing room keys and said "thank you." Considering that this was a 5-night stay, pre-booked, and we were checking in on a Saturday, I didn't anticipate any success. Considering the limited upgrade opportunities to begin with, I think this was a fairly decent success at this property.

  • Room Booked: Standard
  • Room Upgrade: Petite Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 36
  • Check-In: 2007-03-25

Jackpot! crazyduckie Got A Riviera Room Upgrade


just asked for comp upgrade with the 20 showing. she got it for us immediately

  • Room Booked: regular
  • Room Upgrade: petite suite
  • Hotel Clerk: male / 36
  • Check-In: 2007-01-14

Jackpot! beth Got A Riviera Room Upgrade


We arrived at the Rivera about 8am and were not even allowed to check in until noon. By then I had several drinks and decided to try. I handed the clerk the $20 tucked between the CC and ID and asked if we were available for any upgrades. He smiled and said "as a matter of fact you are". We were given a suite that overlooked the pool. It came with a small fridge and the room was huge! It is still the Rivera which is older, but we were very happy. Penny Town, which is part of the Riv was a blast and the drinks were excellent!


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