Rio Suite Hotel Room Upgrades

How Do Vegas Insiders Get $1,000+ Room Upgrades for $20?

We'll tell you how to master the 'front desk tip' - AKA the '$20 sandwich trick' - to get Rio Suite room upgrades in Vegas for a fraction of the hotel's regular price.

Rio Suite has a high-energy party atmosphere... The Carnival World Buffet has long been a signature attraction, and worth checking out.

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28 Reports From the Rio Suite Hotel Front Desk

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'All Time' Upgrades: 61% (17/28)

  • Room Booked: Standard
  • Room Upgrade: High floor with a view
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2012-11-25
  • Booked at:

Jackpot! Phil Got A Rio Suite Room Upgrade
Booked Via


I came in the middle of the afternoon and the queue was empty. There was a male and a female clerck, I opted for her ^^.

I used the usual trick, asking for an upgrade while presenting my credit card. She verified in her computer and upgraded me to a room on 32th floor with a view strip.

Be carefull: the 32 floor is 5 floor below the roof nighclub. Don't plan to sleep before 1am.

  • Room Booked: king suiye
  • Room Upgrade: king suite with strip view
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2012-02-08

Jackpot! Bruce Got A Rio Suite Room Upgrade


We arrived after 6pm. The desk was empty. A young Hispanic girl and a African America were talking at counter. We decide to approach female. When she asked for ID and cc I had the $20 already set up. I asked her were there any complimentary upgrades she fumbled threw some screens and offered us 30th floor with strip view. She said its normally $20 per night but wouldn't charge us. So I guess it worked, although we were not that impressed with actual room. Masquerade Tower. We should have picked other clerk he seemed very social with the person he was checking in where she was dry and had very little conversation.

  • Room Booked: Standard
  • Room Upgrade: Strip View
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2011-01-27

Jackpot! Michael Got A Rio Suite Room Upgrade


It was extremely busy when I checked in, ie 15+ groups ahead of me at about 4pm. When I got to the desk and was asked for my ID/CC I put the $20 on top so it was clearly visible and while still holding all 3 items asked if there were any complementary upgrades available. The girl at the desk said \'let me check\' and then proceeded to tell me that she couldn\'t give me a larger room but could give me a strip view (which technically is an upgrade) or a higher floor. I politely declined so re-pocketed my money then continued to check in.

  • Room Booked: Standard Suite
  • Room Upgrade: Corner Suite, Strip View
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 25
  • Check-In: 2010-05-23

Jackpot! Mac Steinway Got A Rio Suite Room Upgrade


Checked in about 6 PM on a Sunday. Rather than do the sandwich, I asked discreetly if I could get an upgraded suite in exchange for a $20 tip. Clerk said that a corner suite was available in the Ipanema Tower, 16th floor. It was an awesome upgrade. Floor to ceiling, wall to wall glass facing the entirety of the strip from two walls. A panoramic, view from downtown all the way to Mandalay Bay. We enjoyed watching the traffic on the freeway and also saw the railroad. The view from the bed was fantastic. Similar to the view we enjoy at the Voodoo Lounge, just a bit lower. Really the best room view we have ever had in Vegas. Suite was very roomy, with a decent couch which folded out into a bed if need be. TV was not a flat screen, however. Bathroom was clean and large with two sink areas. Also had a very cool refrigerator. Room was probably a bit larger than the standard suite, certainly with more glass, having two walls to look out and only a corner piece to block the view.

  • Room Booked: run of the house $49 special
  • Room Upgrade: corner suite with full view of the strip and the pool
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2010-05-13

Jackpot! John Got A Rio Suite Room Upgrade


Waited in a long line upon arrival at 11:00 AM. After a 20 minute wait of people checking out I was just hoping to let them know and hopefully they would hold my bag. When I got to the counted a late 20s female helped, I gave her the sandwich and ask for a high room with a view. After typing for a couple of minutes, she said she was able to check me in now and I was in a corner room with a full view of the strip and the pool. It was just fantastic!

  • Room Booked: run of house
  • Room Upgrade: corner room with full strip view
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2010-05-12

Jackpot! John Got A Rio Suite Room Upgrade


I booked by room by phone (which was $15 per night cheaper than the website) for $48 per night for a Wed and Thursday night. There was a long line and a 20 minute wait to check in at noon on Wednesday but after giving the sandwich and requesting a room with a strip view, I was put in a room in the newer IP tower in room 1223. With the wall to wall and floor to floor windows it was a fantastic view of the pool and the strip.

(The guy that was checking in right next to me was placed on the 6th floor)

  • Room Booked: Standard Suite
  • Room Upgrade: Super Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 31
  • Check-In: 2010-03-03
  • Booked at: i4Vegas

Jackpot! Kyle Got A Rio Suite Room Upgrade
Booked Via i4Vegas


I had a 4 day reservation through for a standard suite. I went to the desk at 4 o'clock and had the $20 sandwich ready and waited in line for about 10 minutes. I was called forward by a 30ish guy. I slipped him the sandwich he wasn't sure what to do with the cash I asked him about a complimentary upgrade because my wife and I were celebrating our anniversary. He said "Let me see what I can do and if I can earn that tip." He made a phone call to someone and mentioned the anniversary and talked for awhile. After he got off he was on the computer so we made some chat about the hotel, casino and restaurants. He finally gave me the keys and paperwork telling me on I'm now on the 20th floor(which requires VIP access) in a super suite. He also gave me free passes to VOODOO the club/restaurant on the 50/51 floor and a coupon book. Gave him the $20 and had a great 4 days!

  • Room Booked: Low Floor Mountain View
  • Room Upgrade: High Floor Strip View Renovated Room
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2009-08-13

Jackpot! Don Got A Rio Suite Room Upgrade


Handed the clerk my ID and CC with a $20 between and asked if she could upgrade us to a better room. She put the $20 under the keyboard and asked what I was looking for. I wanted a Caracas suite but was told it was an extra $100 per night. She said she good upgrade me for free to a Ipanema Tower renovated room with a strip view. We were on the 18th floor of the 20 floor tower. The Rio charges an extra $20-30$ a night for a strip view room on their website so the $20 trick worked in this case in my opinion

  • Room Booked: standard
  • Room Upgrade: Ipanema Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 31
  • Check-In: 2009-04-19

Jackpot! Dennis Bc Got A Rio Suite Room Upgrade


We had a standard room reserved but then I read about the twenty dollar tip.As we were checking in I noticed three people ask for free upgrades and each time the clerk said they were booked . Well just as it was my turn they changed clerks . I explained that this was our first time at the Rio and it was also our anniversary and by chance did the Rio have any free upgrades. Now as I did this I also gave her by credit card with my licence and a folded twenty dollar bill in the middle. Well she looked and she looked and then she smiles and asked if I ever heard of the song Girl from Ipanema and I said yes and without blinking she said Happy Anniversary and she hoped we liked the suite . Well we took the door cards and went way up and we saw the number and the words Ipanema Suite . We opened the doors and were were in HEAVEN. It was LARGE and beautiful and it had two full baths and one full bedroom plus a hot tub by the window. We had it for five days .

  • Room Booked: standard suite
  • Room Upgrade: nothing
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 25
  • Check-In: 2009-03-14

No Dice For Mark at Rio Suite...


Tried the 20$ sandwich, asked for a upgrade to a jacuzzi suite. Clerk said she would have to check and handed money back. She made a phone call, then denied the upgrade but gave us a strip view room.

  • Room Booked: suite
  • Room Upgrade: nothing and got charged more
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 25
  • Check-In: 2009-02-12

No Dice For Chris at Rio Suite...


Horrible confusion. Wouldn't accept my tip and gave us crappy rooms to boot. Stay elsewhere.

  • Room Booked: Standard room
  • Room Upgrade: 36th floor, strip view suite.
  • Hotel Clerk: male / 31
  • Check-In: 2008-12-31

Jackpot! C.D. Got A Rio Suite Room Upgrade


Also 4 VIP passes to the VooDoo lounge, and a bottle of champagne in our room.

  • Room Booked: Standard Room
  • Room Upgrade: Strip View Room on Top floor
  • Hotel Clerk: male / 18
  • Check-In: 2008-07-18

No Dice For Pikaboo at Rio Suite...


So I checked in with my brother to our regular standard room..and I just asked for an upgrade, we flirted with the receptionist and she just gave us a nice room..

I think she was expecting a nice tip, but I didn't give her one and just smiled and walked away ahhahaha

She was pretty hot too!

  • Room Booked: Standard, comped room
  • Room Upgrade: Masquerade Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 31
  • Check-In: 2008-07-16

Jackpot! Thunder Got A Rio Suite Room Upgrade


Receptionist tried to give $20 back thinking it was in the sandwich by mistake. I gave it back to her and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available. She replied, let me see what I can do. Got upgraded from 600 sq ft standard suite to 1600 sq ft masquerade suite.

  • Room Booked: Ip Tower room
  • Room Upgrade:
  • Hotel Clerk: male / 25
  • Check-In: 2008-06-22

No Dice For yeahfoy at Rio Suite...


Tried it as I had arrived late around 12 a.m. Clerk took the 20 and said he would see if there was anything and respectfully gave me the 20 back, telling me all he had was a upgrade at $50 or a better 1 at $100 per night. Gave me a couple of drink coupons and said thanks.

  • Room Booked: Standard Suite
  • Room Upgrade: Cariocas Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 18
  • Check-In: 2008-05-12

Jackpot! Darren Got A Rio Suite Room Upgrade


Checked in around 10PM and figured I go for it. Got a major upgrade to an amazing suite, what a way to start our midweek Vegas getaway!

  • Room Booked: standard room
  • Room Upgrade: premium view / renovated room
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 31
  • Check-In: 2008-02-23

Jackpot! firstimer Got A Rio Suite Room Upgrade


first time doing this, girl seemed surprised and first placed the $20 on the counter and said she would see what she could do, that she didn't want to take my money if she couldn't get me a room. After asking me if I needed a king, internet, etc she finally told me she could give me a slightly upgraded room. I had heard a lot of bad stories about the Rio so I was pleasantly surprised to see what looked like a very newly renovated room with granit, great view, fridge, etc. I was here on a conference and know they were sold out and were putting conference people on lower floors. Worth the $20 for me.

  • Room Booked: Standard Double
  • Room Upgrade: Suite with living room
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 25
  • Check-In: 2007-10-07

Jackpot! Martin & Michelle Got A Rio Suite Room Upgrade


Checked in at 1am due to a late night flight arrival.
Did the $20 trick and it worked a treat, see later comments but it worked at all 4 hotels we stayed at Rio, Palms, Tropicana and the Bellagio.
Don't be embarrased just do it fantastic...

  • Room Booked: Deluxe
  • Room Upgrade:
  • Hotel Clerk: male / 25
  • Check-In: 2007-09-29

No Dice For Shawn at Rio Suite...


A big negative on the upgrade. hotel smells like sewer, although renovated rooms are nicer.

  • Room Booked: Standard room
  • Room Upgrade: Standard room
  • Hotel Clerk: male / 25
  • Check-In: 2007-07-18

No Dice For Damien at Rio Suite...


The guys was surprised when he found the 20 and said "thanks!" I asked if any complimentary room upgrades were available. He looked and said "no sorry." and kept my 20. Never again. At least not at the Rio.


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