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How Do Vegas Insiders Get $1,000+ Room Upgrades for $20?

We'll tell you how to master the 'front desk tip' - AKA the '$20 sandwich trick' - to get Palazzo room upgrades in Vegas for a fraction of the hotel's regular price.

Palazzo - the world's largest hotel- offers five-Diamond & AAA luxury and casino with modern ambiance. Features a 20,000 sq ft Lamborghini and exotic cars showroom.

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64 Reports From the Palazzo Hotel Front Desk

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  • Room Booked: Bella Suite
  • Room Upgrade: Same Room Type, Higher Floor, View of Strip
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 25
  • Check-In: 2013-07-23

Jackpot! Anonymous Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade


I walked up to the first available clerk at 8:30pm. There was no line at the Front Desk. We exchanged pleasantries and he said I would be checking into a Bella Suite. I gave him the "sandwich" and kindly asked "Do you have any complimentary upgrades?" He smiled and started clicking away at his computer, then he called a manager on his phone to discuss something. When he finished, he said he could upgrade me to a 30th Floor room with a view of the strip. I thanked him and he said he would also be giving me free wi-fi while waiving my $25 a day resort fee (a $125 savings) and I could still use the gym. He then handed me a coupon book and said it was the best coupon book out of 3 they hand out. (This one was for gold members.) I saved 20% on several meals or got free food using those coupons. The "sandwich" works but I recommend being nice from the moment you arrive at the Front Desk. (Being genuinely nice is even better!) They don't have to give you anything so being rude will most likely get you nothing.

  • Room Booked: King Luxury Suite
  • Room Upgrade: Sienna Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2013-04-05
  • Booked at: Priceline

Jackpot! Victor Nguyen Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade
Booked Via Priceline


Went for Final Four for the NCAA tournament. Got to the check in line at 9:30 pm and was bit of a wait so I did not have a choice on which clerk to go to. I usually always do $20 sandwich to get to a bella suite, but wanted to try a $100 this time. Got called over to a young female clerk and had it all ready. When I gave her the sandwich, I asked her if there was anything bigger then the Bella suite. She just asked me if I have ever stayed in the Sienna suite before. Told her no and that was it :)

  • Room Booked: Bella Suite w/ 2-queen
  • Room Upgrade: Lago 2-bedroom Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2012-07-20

Jackpot! Brian Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade


Had a super early flight from the east coast arriving Friday morning at Palazzo probably around 10am. I was immediately called up to the front desk to check in. I do believe every rep at the desk was female and I was called over by a cute, young, brunette with a friendly smile. Gave her my "$20 sandwich" which she could obviously feel the difference and immediately placed it on the counter. Read off my reservation of a Bella Suite with 2 queen beds. They were showing that I was there for my Bachelor Party, which she congratulated me on. I then casually asked if there were any upgrades available, specifically the Lago 2 bedroom, since I had 4 other friends in my group. She typed away, letting me know that she did have those rooms available, but had to get permission from the manager. She came back to the desk about 3 minutes later with a happy look on her face as she told me I could get the room since it was my Bachelor Party weekend, plus being military I think it helped too. She also gave me a huge coupon book, discounted passes to TAO and some complimentary drink vouchers. As we were wrapping up, she asked if I needed change when she saw the $20. I smiled and said no. She smiled right back and thanked me, letting me know if I needed anything else just to call and ask for her. Since this is getting long, I will just say that I couldn't believe how easy it was to get the upgrade. I probably didn't even have to use the "sandwich." Just ask, and you shall receive. Oh, and by the way, the Lago 2-bedroom was INSANE. 48th floor. Didn't see anyone else on our floor the entire 4 days. Massive bedrooms, bathrooms, walk-in closets. More than you actually need, but definitely worth it when you're in Vegas!!!

  • Room Booked: Luxury Suite 1-King Bed
  • Room Upgrade: Luxury View Suite 1-King Bed
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2012-07-05

Jackpot! Sophie Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade


I did not target a particular clerk but got lucky and wasn't flanked by other guests. It made it easier to chit chat. I had two twenties clearly visible (depending on the upgrade she could score me, I was going to tip accordingly). I did not do the sandwich. I asked if she had any upgrades, she offered the luxury view suite with a view of the Pirates show across the street. This means you need to be mid hotel, any higher and you won't see a thing. I don't like being high up so mid height was a-ok with me. I did ask for a roomier suite, but she told me she'd have to charge for that.

  • Room Booked: Venetian Rialto Suite
  • Room Upgrade: Palazzo Lago 2 Bedroom Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 18
  • Check-In: 2011-10-22

Jackpot! Jason Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade


I wanted a female because I heard it was a better chance but was not able to choose. I lucked big time because I read here before and went and it seemed that most people were given like a better view. I checked in Saturday around 6:30pm. It wasn't busy at all. It took like half an hour but so worth it. I didn't say a word.

  • Room Booked: 3 Luxury Suites
  • Room Upgrade: 3 Bella Suites
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2011-08-05
  • Booked at: Priceline

Jackpot! Andy Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade
Booked Via Priceline


It worked great at Palazzo for three rooms, two nights, with $20. I had originally booked just the King luxury suites from Priceline. When I checked in, I requested two beds since we had 3 in each room and saved $160. I also asked about the Lago (penthouse style) suites, but would have still had to pay although at 30% off.

I just took the first clerk to be ready on Friday around 10 pm. I think that if you check in earlier, you'll probably get a better selection of rooms, but I was still very happy with my results. I did the whole complimentary upgrade thing and then started talking about being there for a bachelor party.

I think the trick is to know what you want and look at what other people have gotten as well. I've only seen one review where someone got a Lago so I was fairly sure that wouldn't happen, but can't hurt to ask either. :)

  • Room Booked: Siena
  • Room Upgrade: N/A
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 25
  • Check-In: 2010-12-22

No Dice For Ziggy at Palazzo...


We arrived at 8:30 on a Tuesday and there was one person behind the desk helping someone else. K---h walked up to the counter and called us over. He asked my my credit card and I handed him the sandwich. He asked me "do you need change?" to which I responded "No. Do you have any upgrades available?" He checked the computer and said "we have a Lago available, let me check with my manager." He returned and offered it to us for $500 more a night. When I said no, he checked us in to the original room and kept the $20 without any additional coupons. Very annoyed!

  • Room Booked: Luxury Suite
  • Room Upgrade: Luxury Suite View 41st Floor
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2010-12-17
  • Booked at: Orbitz

Jackpot! Abby Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade
Booked Via Orbitz


Was checking in after midnight. Walked up to the desk to the first person available Placed the twenty between my ID and Credit Card. Asked her if she had any complementary upgrades available and she saw the twenty and said "Why yes we do". She was very friendly and chatty the entire time. Got a beautiful room on the 41st floor with an amazing strip view. Totally worth the $20. Going again in April and plan to try again!

  • Room Booked: palazzo luxury suite
  • Room Upgrade: palazzo luxury suite with view
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2010-11-11

Jackpot! Chris Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade


Never done this before, so I thought I'd give it a try. We were actually on a comp stay, so wasn't sure if it was going to work. Was happy with what I already had (cause it was free!)
Walked up after a long day with kids, airports, etc. And gave the clerk my $20, cc, and dl. Said we were glad to arrive, here for our anniversary, which we were, but about 2 weeks late. She automatically said, let me see if I can find an upgrade for you.
Ended up on the 31st floor, directly overlooking the pirate ship show at TI. Very cool room. Maybe we get that room anyway, but who knows. Vegas runs on money, and for her kindness and service, I was happy to give her $20.

  • Room Booked: Standard King Luxury Suite
  • Room Upgrade: Two Queens Luxury Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 18
  • Check-In: 2010-08-30

Jackpot! Howard Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade


Got the next available clerk at about 3pm. Gave the $20 sandwich and asked about available complimentary upgrades. He put us on a higher floor, with our teenage daughter with us, asked us if we wanted 2 queen beds (which costs extra on their website) and improve our view to face Las Vegas Blvd/TI/Fashion Mall

  • Room Booked: Standard Priceline room
  • Room Upgrade: 38th Floor
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 18
  • Check-In: 2010-08-28
  • Booked at: Priceline

Jackpot! Brian Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade
Booked Via Priceline


Went to the first available clerk, young sharp guy, about 3:30 PM. I told him it was a special birthday trip for the wife, (which it was), and asked if he could check if there were any complimentary upgrades available, while handing him a $20 sandwiched between my credit card and my drivers license. Very nice, gave us strip room, king bed and envelope with coupons including $25 Grazie club slot credit per person. (!)

  • Room Booked: Venetian Rialto suite with View
  • Room Upgrade: Palazzo hospitality suite with terrace
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2010-08-26

Jackpot! BrandonG404 Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade


I had an early flight and got to the Venetian around 730am. I have stayed in the Venetian many time and have had every room they offer but never stayed in the Palazzo. I reserved the rialto suite with a view which is nice because its about 1100sq ft and it suites my group well. I decided to tip, "sandwich", $50 just in case because i already had a nice room. I approached a young blond and she immediately noticed the tip and said i will see what i can do for u. She offered something a lil better but not what i wanted. My advice to anyone is research the hotel and get an idea about what kind of room you are looking for that way you can ask for it. i noticed a lot of people took whatever they can get, if you ask for better they will most likely give you it. After a short debate about the rooms available i told her i wanted to be moved to the Palazzo. She said she found a 2500sq ft suite on the third floor. I didnt want that, but then she mentioned it had an outdoor terrace which is 500sq ft and leads to the pool which is basically my backyard since it it also on the third floor. I gladly accepted and was very pleased. Room was huge! offered three beds and wet bar, plus jetted shower. The terrace was unbelievable, like something out of a magazine. I will always "sandwich" from now on !

  • Room Booked: Cheapest- King bed suite/ no view
  • Room Upgrade: Bella w/ view- 2 Queen beds with strip view
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2010-07-15

Jackpot! Joey Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade


We came in around 5pm on Thurs evening, and it was pretty busy, so I didn't get to choose a clerk. We got a young cute girl in the early-mid 20s. At first I just asked if there were any complimentary upgrades (queen beds instead of our king)..had my $50 sandwich...she says they are fully booked. I don't think she noticed, so I said it's we're here for a bachelorette party (true), pointed at the bride, she smiled...i pushed the sandwich closer...she noticed and took it, said thanks and asked me if I needed change. I said no, and kept smiling. We small talked and she said next time book the queens just in case I get stuck w/ the king. We got into the room--2 queens and amazing view of the strip...well worth it. And our one room still got 5 of us the $20 rate for the spa! I'll def use this again...

  • Room Booked: Luxury
  • Room Upgrade: luxury view
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 25
  • Check-In: 2010-02-08

Jackpot! Bruce Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade


BecauseI had four nights comped, I wasn't sure the tip would work. I checked in about 10:30am. When asked for my ID and credit card, I included 20.00 dollars and asked for a complimentary upgrade. The clerk was very nice and asked if I wanted something near an elevator. I told her it did not matter...I would just like a really nice view. I was not disappointed.

  • Room Booked: Venezia Bella Suite
  • Room Upgrade: Pallazo Bella Suite, 23rd floor, strip view
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2010-01-29

Jackpot! Angela Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade


No choice for clerk. This woman hooked us up with a Palazzo suite w/view! It was late afternoon on a Saturday. I just handed her the $20 sandwich and started talking about it being my birthday... she took care of the rest :)

  • Room Booked: Luxury Suite
  • Room Upgrade: Luxury View Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2010-01-11

Jackpot! Matt Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade


First time to the Palazzo and ended up checking in on the Venetian side slightly after 11 pm. $50 sandwich, I asked if any room upgrades and/or spa passes were available. Clerk was very polite, did some typing and handed me two hotel keys and show tickets which were part of our package. I asked a second time about spa passes and she said they were no longer able to offer those. Handed back my credit card, ID and tip. Got to the room and found out we got a view suite. Was I supposed to tip a $20 when I got my $50 back? Didn't really know we got the upgrade until we walked in. Well, much thanks to the clerk who went the extra mile for us.

If you're staying at the Palazzo and think you might want to use the fitness center, pay the daily resort fee. It's $16 and 2 of you get in to the fitness center and you get internet in your room. A la carte, it's $40 per person/day to get into the spa and $13 for internet.

  • Room Booked: Luxury Suite
  • Room Upgrade: Luxury Suite with a view
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2009-11-17

Jackpot! Marc Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade


Check-in at 2:00pm. Tried the sandwich trick with a $50. Told her it was our 25th wedding anniversary (which was true) and asked if there was anything she could do for us. She told me she would gladly give us the deluxe view and that was all. She even gave back the money after I asked again. She told us they were having a spcial upgrade to a larger suite for an extra $50/nite. I finally agreed because it was our anniversary, and then she couldn't find any available. We got the standard suite with deluxe view on the 39th floor. It was all we needed. The room was spacious and clean. Since I was only paying $129/nite because I got a Grazie special, I can't complain. hotel was marvelous.

  • Room Booked: regular
  • Room Upgrade:
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 25
  • Check-In: 2009-10-15

No Dice For Ray at Palazzo...


I went to the next available clerk and placed $70 between cc and dl and asked for the Lago Media room w/ pool table.

Immediately was told they cannot upgrade to that room due to the price and that people have been fired for doing it.

  • Room Booked: Palazzo Luxury
  • Room Upgrade: Palazzo Bella
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 25
  • Check-In: 2009-09-28

Jackpot! GG Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade


My friend and I checked in around noon and included a $20 bill with our credit card. The agent asked if we needed change but we told him that was for him. We asked for twin beds and a room as nice as possible.

We did receive a room with twin beds for the two nights we stayed there, this would have cost $30 per night so we did save some money. However, although this was technically an upgrade it was the same room type and no view was offered. We were on the 42nd floor.

  • Room Booked: Palazzo Luxury Suite
  • Room Upgrade: Palazzo Luxury View Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2009-09-06

Jackpot! Brian Got A Palazzo Room Upgrade


We checked in on Sunday of Labor Day weekend with a $50 dollar sandwich. I don't think the girl behind the counter knew what to do with it. She made no attempt at an upgrade until asking, at which point we were moved to a Strip view suite. After pressing some more, we scored 5 days of spa passes, 2 entries to Madame Tussaud's, and an additional $15 in slot credit (we already had $35 from our package). Overall, the upgrade for the room would have been $210 over the 7 days + all the freebies = a pretty decent deal. I'm glad we pushed the clerk for more so that would be my tip for anyone attempting this. It can't hurt to ask...


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