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How Do Vegas Insiders Get $1,000+ Room Upgrades for $20?

We'll tell you how to master the 'front desk tip' - AKA the '$20 sandwich trick' - to get Mirage room upgrades in Vegas for a fraction of the hotel's regular price.

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127 Reports From the Mirage Hotel Front Desk

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  • Room Booked: Resort King Room
  • Room Upgrade:
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2013-02-23

No Dice For Jason at Mirage...


Arrived in on a red eye flight, several of the front desk clerks were busy, so we walked up to the only available one, K. We tried the $20 sandwich trick with K, and was informed that they're basically at capacity. I get my room keys, id, along with the $20 bill back. We were then informed that it'll be a double queen, but they'll hold us a king the following day.

The room we got wasn't cleaned properly, so we spoke to the manager who was very helpful and he at least put us in for the King bed that we paid for, and a $100 credit for all the inconvience.

  • Room Booked: Resort King
  • Room Upgrade: No Upgrade
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2013-01-02

No Dice For Jon at Mirage...


Checked in around 5 PM on a fairly slow Wednesday for a 2-night stay. The rate was very low for Mirage, so it had to be a fairly show couple of days. I handed the clerk the sandwich and asked for an upgrade, and she immediately left the $20 on the counter and said none were available without even checking. Sounds like management might be cracking down on clerks giving these upgrades.

  • Room Booked: Standard
  • Room Upgrade: Higher floor with view
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 31
  • Check-In: 2012-11-13
  • Booked at: Expedia

Jackpot! Wysiwyg Got A Mirage Room Upgrade
Booked Via Expedia


Checked in for my third time at the Mirage, previous 2 worked getting me an upgrade, so I expected once again.. Gave the famous $20 sandwich and nicely asked if any complimentary upgrades were available for a tower deluxe room (if possible facing the pool). The clerk did her thing and told me none were available, but still managed to get me a room facing the pool (strip) and on the 22nd floor which was nice. So still an upgrade for me and was given my $20 back.

  • Room Booked: Resort King room
  • Room Upgrade: Tower King room private elevator 24th 25th floor
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2012-08-02

Jackpot! Monica Got A Mirage Room Upgrade


I had booked a Resort King room my boyfriend and I approached a young woman clerk who seemed friendly. I handed her my DL and CC with the $20 Sandwiched in the middle and asked if they had any "Complimentary Upgrades available." She said let me check and after searching the computer she said I can upgrade you to the Tower King rooms which are on the 24th and 25th floor and have there own private elevator and there will be a surprise for you later this evening. Later that night we had a bottle of champange in the room.

  • Room Booked: Deluxe room
  • Room Upgrade: Deluxe tower suite
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 25
  • Check-In: 2012-07-16

Jackpot! Christina Got A Mirage Room Upgrade


We arrived at approx 11pm at the Mirage to celebrate my boyfriend's 31st birthday and my 30th birthday. The line was extremely short with only 3 clerks running the front desk. After reading on, I knew I wanted the younger guy approx 25 years old and I knew I wanted a fab suite (did my research) in order to celebrate our birthdays in style. I sandwiched two $20s in between my ID and credit card and stepped up to the plate and casually asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available once he saw the sandwich. We made small talk--be extra nice people as you are wanting something only they can make happen-- and he asked if we were celebrating anything special. After a few agonizing minutes of waiting to hear the result- wha la! "ma'am you've been upgraded to a deluxe tower suite." needless to say, I could barely keep my cool because I knew how awesome our room was going to be. We had some friends and cousins who were accompanying us, but didn't try the sandwich trick and got regular rooms over looking the air conditioning unit. Our room was on a high floor with a private elevator, facing the north end of the strip and the volcano. We were like kids on Christmas morning when we got to the room!! Way to start off the vacation right! Thanks,! I'll have to try to sandwich from now on while on other vacations.

  • Room Booked: King Deluxe
  • Room Upgrade: King Deluxe Tower
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 18
  • Check-In: 2012-05-17

Jackpot! Jenn Got A Mirage Room Upgrade


Arrived at the Mirage about 11:30 pm and didn't target a specific clerk, just got the first one available, a friendly looking young man. Didn't get a chance to ask about upgrades before he saw the $20. He said "Ha ha, I can't take bribes but I will take tips. Let me see what I can do for you". We were upgraded from a standard room to the King Deluxe Tower room with a pool view. Seems to be the standard upgrade others are getting and was what we were hoping to get. Very nice room....thanks Mirage for the upgrade!

  • Room Booked: Deluxe Room
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Deluxe with Strip view
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 31
  • Check-In: 2012-01-06

Jackpot! Ryan Got A Mirage Room Upgrade


Checked in around noon on Friday, 1/6. Walked up to first open line, and gave the $20 and said "this is for you, any chance you can upgrade me to a Tower Deluxe?" He looked for a few minutes, and said "no problem". My room was great. Private elevators and an awesome view of the Strip.

  • Room Booked: Queen Deluxe
  • Room Upgrade: No Upgrade
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2011-12-19

No Dice For Timo at Mirage...


Our clerk saw the 20 dollar note and putted it directly back in front of the desk before we could say anything and said: "I'm sorry but i can't do anything for you but you already have a high floor Deluxe room with strip view"
She was not a very nice person at all. Sometimes there is no luck :(

  • Room Booked: A comped deluxe room
  • Room Upgrade: Tower suite on 24th floor
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2011-10-13

Jackpot! Merle Got A Mirage Room Upgrade


Booked complementary deluxe room through the Player's Club. Went to the invited guest check-in and all 3 or 4 clerks were young, attractive females(which I usually look for). So, I just took the first available. She set the $20 aside and stamped my credit card. I told her that I was a frequent customer and would sure like to have pool side on the 24th floor if at all possible(which you can tell from other reviews is the tower mini-suite floor, along with 25). The check-in "company line" is that they cannot upgrade comped rooms. I guess that's not entirely true. One last comment. I've been doing this since I 1st discovered this site in '07(I think it was). Well, the Mirage is still 100% and so am I. Not one denial. 24th floor pool side with a free bottle of Brut the next day........

  • Room Booked: Standard Room
  • Room Upgrade: Deluxe Tower Room
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2011-09-05
  • Booked at: Travelocity

Jackpot! Ashley Davis Got A Mirage Room Upgrade
Booked Via Travelocity


We arrived at the Mirage about 10am. There were lines, but not terribly long ones. We tried checking in at that time, did the sandwich trick, and asked very politely "we were wondering if you could check and see if there are any complimentary room upgrades available?" She was a very nice younger lady, and she said she would be very happy to do that for us. She explained the rooms were full now, but gave us a card to redeem at the express check in line in "2 or 3 hours." We were thrilled. I mentioned it was my birthday, after the fact, and they threw in free champagne. We booked a standard room, and ended up with a tower deluxe room, overlooking the strip and the volcano. We were on the top floor, 30th, with private elevators, and a jet tub with his and her sinks, and a flat screen TV. Best 20 dollars spent in Vegas!!

  • Room Booked: Standard
  • Room Upgrade: Tower suite, 25th floor
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2011-08-08
  • Booked at: Orbitz

Jackpot! Pam H Got A Mirage Room Upgrade
Booked Via Orbitz


Our flight landed at 9:30 am. We tried to check in right away but were told to wait until 11:00. After reading the tips posted here we put a $20.00 between the credit card and the drivers license presented at check in and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades? I have no idea when she actually took the $20 but it casually disappeared and we were given a top floor corner room suite overlooking the volcano! Hot tub and all! We also told the attendant checking us in that it was our 20 year anniversary (which was the truth) and we returned to our room later that evening to a bottle of champagne on ice! Amazing. I was skeptical and didn't think it would work. I was wrong. It can't hurt to try!

  • Room Booked: Std room thru MLife floor 1-9
  • Room Upgrade: Suite D26
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2011-07-03

Jackpot! Kevin Got A Mirage Room Upgrade


We got to Mirage early and checked bags. Around 11:30 we got in line, gave the young lady the 20 dollar sandwich. She spent 15 minutes securing us the double queen suite room on D, and we were good to go.
It was Sunday, and we asked her what she could to to upgrade us.

  • Room Booked: Deluxe Room
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Deluxe Room
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2011-07-03
  • Booked at:

Jackpot! Jennifer Got A Mirage Room Upgrade
Booked Via


My husband and I arrived at the Mirage about 6pm on a Sunday. It was our first time in Vegas and we were their on our honeymoon so I decided to see if the tip trick worked. When it was our turn to check in I handed the girl $20 sandwiched between my id and credit card and explained that we were there on our honeymoon and were their any complimentary upgrades available. She said that she could upgrade us to a Tower Room which is on the 25th floor. The 24th and 25th floors have their own elevators which is nice.

  • Room Booked: Resort King Room
  • Room Upgrade: Resort Tower King Room
  • Hotel Clerk: not-rememb / not-remember
  • Check-In: 2011-02-27

Jackpot! Jason Got A Mirage Room Upgrade


Arrived during the middle of the night on a red eye flight. It's been 2 years since it happened, so I don't remember the details of the check-in except that I tried the $20 sandwich, and it worked. We went from a basic room to a Strip View (Treasure Island, volcano, Venetian, etc). The room had both a his and her sink, a walk in shower, upgraded linens, an elevator that only took you to the 24-25 floor (we were on the 25th), and more.

We loved it. Had a great time, and promised ourselves we'd go back to the Mirage and try it all over again.

  • Room Booked: Standard
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Deluxe
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2010-12-18
  • Booked at: Hotwire

Jackpot! RS Got A Mirage Room Upgrade
Booked Via Hotwire


We are a family of four. I had booked a 4 star hotel through Hotwire, which turned out to be Mirage. I was positive that I would be given a low room overlooking the casino/lobby roof. So I drove in a bit early at around 1:30 p.m. Since I had a got a sweet deal on Hotwire, I was willing to pay a bit extra. I waited for a early 20'ish female who seemed a bit cheerful when compared to the rest of them. When asked for my card and ID, I gave her the sandwich and ensured that she could see both the $20 Bills. I told her it was our anniversary and if we could get a complimentary upgrade. She said sure, put the 40 in her pocket right away.

THE RESULT: She was willing to give a Jacuizzi king bed suite. But since I needed 2 queen beds, she gave me a tower suite on 27'th floor. The room was nice, wonderful strip view, spa jet tub, free internet and freee passes to the habitat :) Overall I was quite happy with the deal!

  • Room Booked: regular room request king size bed
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Deluxe Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: Male / 36
  • Check-In: 2010-11-25

Jackpot! Jono Got A Mirage Room Upgrade


Checked in around 3PM on Thanksgiving Day - asked the middle aged male clerk if any complimentary upgrades to a Tower Deluxe Room were available - he took my $20 and said it shouldn't be a problem, and it wasn't!

  • Room Booked: Standard
  • Room Upgrade: Standard w/ View
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2010-10-30

Jackpot! Monique Got A Mirage Room Upgrade


It was about 3pm on a Saturday, not a long line at all, all clerks were female. Put the $20 between my CC & license, asked if there were any complementary upgrades. She said yes, she could upgrade us to a tower suite, but we needed 2 beds, so we had to settle for a standard room with a view. Next time I'll make sure we only need 1 bed to get the most band for our buck.

  • Room Booked: Booked regular room
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Deluxe
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2010-09-19

Jackpot! Eric Got A Mirage Room Upgrade


I got to the Morage at about 2:00 pm on a SUnday. Most all the clerks were young women and there was almost no wait. Walked up to first open clerk, smiled, and was friendly to her. Gave her a twenty with my ID and credit card and asked if she had and complimentary upgrades available. She said she would see what she could do. She gave us a tower deluxe room with a strip view. I had booked a regular room with a strip view. I think the pool view is actually the best view though after staying there now. The tower deluxe room has a bigger bathroom and keyed elevators that go straight to the 24th and 25 floors which is really nice. When we got back to our room after our first evening there was chilled sparkling wine on ice waiting for us too. Overall it was well worth a twenty.

  • Room Booked: Deluxe room (standard)
  • Room Upgrade: Towever Deluxe with premium view
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 25
  • Check-In: 2010-06-15

Jackpot! Michel Got A Mirage Room Upgrade


Checked in around 11am and selected the first available clerk (there was no line). Handed the $20 sandwiched for each room booked (we had a total of 3 room). Asked if it was possible to get a tower deluxe room, possibly facing the pool (best views). She said that it shouldn't be a problem but had to come back in about 3 hours as the rooms were no ready. That was fine by me! Ended up getting the rooms on the 25th floor. 1 facing the volcano and 2 facing the pool, all with amazing strip views.

This was the second time doing this at the Mirage and it worked last time as well.

  • Room Booked: Deluxe suite
  • Room Upgrade: Tower deluxe suite
  • Hotel Clerk: Female / 18
  • Check-In: 2010-04-28

Jackpot! Alison Got A Mirage Room Upgrade


We arrived around 11am and checked in with the only clerk available. It was a young women who was in her 20s and I handed her my ID, credit card, and $20 bill and asked if there were any availabe upgrades. She took the 20 placed it next to the keyboard said she would check, made a call and upgraded us to the 24 th floor. I told he we were celebrating our anniversary and she had a bottle of champaign delivered to our room. The room had a nice view of the pool and a view of the strip. Well worth the 20.


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