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Saved:  $$700 Tipped:  $100 Upgraded to  Skyline Marquee Suite  from  Grand Queen Room 

My wife’s best friend was having a milestone birthday and we booked a week at an all inclusive Cancun resort, however, due to hurricane season the weather turned out to be awful and we cancelled our trip to Mexico and booked a shorter stay in Las Vegas. We arrived at MGM around 4pm on a Monday afternoon and there was a fairly short check in line ahead of us. I didn’t target any specific desk clerk and was directed to a mid 30s male behind the counter. I told him we had two rooms booked with another couple and slid the sandwiched bill to him, briefly explained the Mexico trip cancellation and said “I was wondering if you have any complimentary EPIC upgrades for us that would put us in the penthouse and make you a hero to the birthday girl.” He took the sandwich and said let me see what’s available. I responded by saying “I’m hoping that since we are here for 3 week nights there’s something awesome available.” He confirmed we were checking out on Thursday morning and said “I think you’ll be happy with this room, it’s high and has a nice view of the strip.” We got our keys and headed to the room. He upgraded us from two separate standard queen rooms to a 1500 square foot marquee suite with to separate king bedrooms, two 5 piece bathrooms, floor to ceiling windows with automated curtains, 4 TVs, and a wet bar. The view of the strip was great and for $16 dollars per night per couple we upgraded from a $185 dollar room to a $600 dollar a night suite. All told, between the two couples we got an awesome upgrade for $50 each and saved over $700 by the time you figure in resort fees and taxes. Yes, I paid more than $20 but with 2 couples I felt it was worth it and we got a smoking deal, well worth the $100. This was my first time trying the trick and I’ll surely do it again next time we go.

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Saved:  $$60 per night Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Grand Queen Room 

Came in town on New Years Day at about 3pm, the line was long but waited 47 minutes to try the trick. Got a really nice dude, gave him the sandwich, asked if there were any complimentary upgrades, and he went looking. My brother and I had only booked a Grand Queen, and the clerk moved us into a Stay Well Accessible Executive Queen, which is bigger, and gave us a lounge and personal concierge. We used the concierge to book our party of 11 at d.Vino at Monte Carlo one hour prior to eating. Well worth the $20!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  West Wing King Room  from  West Wing King Room 

Gave the the 20$ Sandwich. The lady looked at me funny and gave the 20 back. She then asked if I would like to pay for an upgrade.

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Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Stay well room  from  Basic room 

The “upgrade” here was a total joke. I don’t know how small the basic room is but the room I was upgraded too was “445” square feet supposedly, which it didn’t seem any bigger than any other room that you can get anywhere. I was told I’d have a “pool view” which was ridiculous. The pool was like 6 miles away and you could not really see it at all. But the view did look down on the roof and some area full of dumpsters. I called the front desk and complained and they didn’t care one bit. I actually ended up going back to the front desk and waiting for the same lady so I could tell her it was ridiculous and that she better be handing that 40 dollars back. She looked really surprised and told me she could put me in the stay well room with a strip view (which was funny cuz she told me they did not have any strip view rooms when I gave her the money the first time because they were at 99% capacity for a convention which turned out to be a lie). The stay well room was the same size as the other room but with some pointless junk in it like an aromatherapy scent box and stupid lighting. The view was a lot better. Overall the hotel isn’t good. Valet takes at least 30 minutes every time. It’s crowded, the pool is packed, unfriendly staff. The restaurants are overpriced. The whole stay was horrible I actual thought about canceling and moving over to Mandalay Bay. Bottom line is I’ve given less money at Caesars and gotten a way better room and I’ve given just as much money to Mandalay Bay and gotten a fantastic room! Save your money, don’t try the $20 trick here, in fact don’t even stay here.

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Vegas Yellowchip
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  grand king / strip view  from  petite king 

Booked petite king online via MGM website. Arrived around 3p with a few people ahead of me in line. When it came my turn I was helped by a very friendly young lady. We had good banter and she was tuned into what was going on..asking “is this your first time here?” in a good natured tone. She upgraded me to strip view grand king. Not sure what else happened after that because I got a call from customer relations shortly after getting into my room asking how my stay was going. Same thing happened again on the 2nd night of my stay.
FWIW – it is key to use the word “complimentary” when asking if any upgrades available. I failed this once during a stay @ Mirage – the clerk only offered me the pricing for upgraded rooms.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  NEW! Grand Premier View Queen Room   from  NEW! Grand Queen Room 

Our clerk was a youngish Indian man, very nice. Just slid the money to him in the sandwich and asked if he could check to see if any complimentary upgrades were available. He upgraded us to a strip view with 2 comped buffets. The website states this room is $5 more per night, so with the buffets we considered it ok. It wasn’t a suite, but it was a little better than we had booked, and our room was nice.

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  View  from  Deluxe King 

I checked in at airport and tried a $50 dollar sandwich. I mentioned that I was celebrating my 50th birthday and was hoping that with recently reburbished rooms and suites that were not available when I booked (but were now) I could get a good upgrade for the sandwich. I also mentioned that 6 other rooms were booked by people coming to celbrate with me.

We ended up with a great view on the 28th floor. We faced north so we could see the strip from City Center to the Mirage and could see the Bellagio Fountains. Wow!

And the guy gave me my $50 back.

So I asked if I could ensure my guests were close by. He was able to accommodate – which turned out to be great because different elevators go to different floor groups so I wouldn’t want people to have to take two elevators to visit one another (of course everyone had to see our view). I ended up giving the guy a $20 and enjoyed our stay.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  top floor strip view, early check in, late check out  from  standard 

This was our very first trip to Vegas.
It was 0800, we had the earliest flight in, was worried we wouldn’t be able to check in. Arrived at MGM Grand, no lines at all, but only two clerks open, a guy and an Asian gal, so after reading alot on this site, I chose the Asian gal.
I handed her my “sandwich” and before I could ask for any complimentary upgrades, she said, “Oh, there’s money in here, what is it for?” So I said it was hopefully for her “excellent customer service” and she laughed and said “Ok”.
She told us our reserved room was not ready and regular check in started at 3pm, but if we didn’t mind a strip view on a higher floor……mind?!…….she had a room that was ready now! So we went from a 4th floor unknown view, to a strip view on the 28th floor! We were far enough from the elevator that is was wonderfully quiet! And we got the early check in and she arranged for a 2pm check out, since our flight wasn’t until 5pm. We later read that each of those features were available for purchase for $20 each (strip view, early check in, late check out) so at minimum we saved $40 there and got the 28th floor (out of possible 29) instead of the 4th floor.
After all that, she picked up the money and asked if we still felt she should keep it or if we would like it back! How cool was that, but we definitely told her she totally deserved it and that made her smile! Excellent experience and I will try it every time now!

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Kent McHenry
Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Tower Deluxe Queen (Strip View upgrade)  from  Tower Deluxe Queen 

Checked in at airport, there were no other customers at the desk. It was about 7:30 PM and I chatted up the lady at the counter about how dead it was. She appeared to be in her mid 20’s and she said that the crowd had just left, and that they had just been swamped a few minutes earlier.
I commented that I must have come at just the right time and handed her my ID and credit card with a $50 “sandwiched” in between.
I went for the $50, because honestly I don’t think $20 will get you where it used to. Plus the 50% success rate that MGM has on this site made me go for the bigger bucks in hopes of a return. In addition, we were staying for six nights.
I gave the old: “Do you have any complimentary upgrades available?” as I handed her the sandwich.
She smiled noticeably and raised her eyebrows a bit as she deftly placed the $50 next to the keyboard, also setting my ID and credit card down and began typing away.
After a couple of minutes, she apologized for not having any suites available to upgrade me to, and then walked over to who I assumed was her supervisor and wrote a few things on a pad of paper, because her supervisor was on the phone.
Her supervisor looked it over and nodded.
She returned to the computer and told me that she could upgrade my room to a strip view, which was $25 more according to her.
She then pulled out two cards (I was visiting with a guest), and told me that we could have a free buffet (breakfast, brunch or lunch only) at any of the M-Life casinos for every day that we were there.
This buffet pass included the MGM, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excaliber, Mirage, Aria, Monte Carlo & Circus Circus.
She then also handed me two complimentary admission cards to their two night clubs, Tabu and Studio 54. These were good only Mon-Fri.
She also said something about discounts to all shows at the MGM, but I didn’t plan on attending any and honestly don’t know if there is already a discount for anyone staying at the hotel anyway.
She was handing me all my things and asked if there was anything else that she could do for me today.
I decided to push for a refrigerator for the room, saying something on the order of: “Is there any way I could get a refrigerator for the room?”
She nodded immediately and told me that there would be one waiting for me in the room, comped for “medical reasons”.
I thanked her and left.
All in all, it was the best $50 I spent in Vegas and would do it again in a heartbeat.
Although I didn’t get a significant room upgrade (are you really there to spend time in your hotel room anyway?), the buffet comps made it a sound investment.
We ate at a different buffet everyday for nothing but the cost of a tip. We would have spent an estimated $200-$300 on those meals.
Also, the refrigerator was a nice option. This is normally a $35 a night charge at MGM. So that boiled down to $210 freebie. We kept our bottled water and booze nice and cold at no charge.
I did not use the club passes, as that’s really not my scene anymore. But all in all, I estimate that I spent $50 for services that I took advantage of that totaled $410-$510.
For those that cringe at the idea of handing over a $50 instead of a $20, I can say I don’t think I would’ve gotten what I did with a $20.
It was a great start in my first night in Vegas, winning on my $50 check-in bet! 🙂

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Tipped:  $0 Upgraded to  Hollywood Suite  from  Celebrity Spa Suite 

Just came back from my weekend stay at MGM Grand. Came to the check-in desk and looked at the workers helping guests and found a young lady in her mid 20’s. Started conversation off asking her how she was doing, has it been a busy weekend for them, blah blah. I was going to do the sandwich but there were so many other staff around that i thought it would be inappropriate and ruin any chance of an upgrade. instead i kindly asked if there were any comp upgrades available and she quickly began looking. found a room and spoke to her manager for a second and they were able to give me a Hollywood suite (the suite above the Celebrity suite). I gladly took it and thanked her. I dont remember her name but she was very sweet and helpful.

IMO its better to start a conversation that will make the worker comfortable with helping you if you ask. the $20 sandwich can give the wrong idea (bribe?) and blow any chance of an upgrade.

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