Luxor Hotel Room Upgrades

How Do Vegas Insiders Get $1,000+ Room Upgrades for $20?

We'll tell you how to master the 'front desk tip' - AKA the '$20 sandwich trick' - to get Luxor room upgrades in Vegas for a fraction of the hotel's regular price.

Luxor is a 30-story pyramid, with Egyptian inspired interior and elevators that go sideways. Entertainment includes Criss Angel and the Luxor IMAX.

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114 Reports From the Luxor Hotel Front Desk

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  • Room Booked: Tower - Deluxe
  • Room Upgrade: Tower - Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: male / 18
  • Check-In: 2007-08-11

Jackpot! Parag M. Got A Luxor Room Upgrade


I had booked a Tower-Deluxe room with check-in at the North Lobby. No line and I walked up to a white woman in her 40's and gave her my name. She was writing out the room key card, that's when I gave her the $20 folded between my DL/Credit Card. I asked if any upgrades were available and she gave us a Tower-Suite, which was huge! Must try the tip at Luxor, it totally worked for me!

  • Room Booked: Pyramid King NS
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Premiere Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 25
  • Check-In: 2007-08-05

Jackpot! Brian Got A Luxor Room Upgrade


Checked in at 12:30am. After getting in line for a while, checked all the clerks out. Ended up getting a 30ish black lady with a beige suit (Not the normal desk clerk outfit). Put the 20 away at the last minute due to figuring she was a manager. Small talk took place. She asked me how my flight was. I told her today had been a train wreck. We talked for about 5 minutes and finished the transaction. I never asked for an upgrade. She told me I was in the East Tower. She also said I hope the room makes your day a whole lot better. I didn't catch on to it until I walked into a dark room with my wife and couldn't find the light switch. I finally found the light switch on the wall. When I turned it on all I saw was a table, and a couch. My wife said "Where is the bed"???? I continued to explore this awesome room. Whirlpool bath, bar, tv that comes out of an ottoman at the foot of the bed, and a kitchen table. I didn't ask for it, probably don't deserve it, but I will look every time I go by the front desk to give this lady a nice tip!!!

  • Room Booked: Pyramid standard
  • Room Upgrade: East Tower
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 25
  • Check-In: 2007-07-27

Jackpot! VegasTripper Got A Luxor Room Upgrade


Walked into the registration line with the 20 already between my CC and DL. A 25ish looking woman called us forward. As I handed over my cards I casually asked about an upgrade. She then noticed the money and a smile slowly spread across her face. Just prior to this I should mention that a couple registering next to us tried the same thing with a male reservationist and he had shot them down saying that the hotel didn't do upgrades of that nature. Since this had just taken place our lady had to give us this speech about how she was sorry that the rooms we had requested were already booked and because of this we would get a complementary upgrade. In the end it worked out for us but I felt sorry for the other couple.

  • Room Booked: Pyramid Deluxe
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Deluxe /w View
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 25
  • Check-In: 2007-07-24

No Dice For usctrojan24 at Luxor...


not a real upgrade b/c it costs 10 just to move from pyramid to tower

  • Room Booked: Pyramid Standard
  • Room Upgrade: Pyramid standard
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 25
  • Check-In: 2007-07-23

No Dice For Kevin at Luxor...


Tried with the bill folded between the credit card and license. She took everything, and saw the $20. Said she couldn't do anything for us (I asked for a high floor with a strip view), and handed the cash back. Ended up on the 22nd floor with a view of Mandalay Bay.

  • Room Booked: Tower Deluxe
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Deluxe
  • Hotel Clerk: male / 31
  • Check-In: 2007-07-20

No Dice For cvc2k at Luxor...


Had a little chit chat w/ the guy that directs guests to check in clerks - found out that all suites were sold out. Apparently, they have some slot conference this weekend. About 40 ppl waiting to be checked in. Sandwich $20 between ID and credit card when approaching check in clerk. After asking name, i handed over ID to uncover $20 in my hand w/ credit card. I then proceed to ask for complimentary upgrades. He could only offer to reduce room upgrade fee from $150 to $75. I told him I'll pass and stick with current room reservation. Kept my $20.

  • Room Booked: Tower Deluxe
  • Room Upgrade: Player Deluxe
  • Hotel Clerk: male / 25
  • Check-In: 2007-07-20

Jackpot! fauxrider Got A Luxor Room Upgrade


Walked up to the counter, had the $20 in half and in half again around my credit card with my license on top. You could see the $20 from the bottom and in the middle. I small talked him for a second then I told him I lost the receipt I had printed when I made my reservation. He told me as long as I didn't make the reservation that day he would only need to see my ID and credit card. So I handed him everything. He looked surprised at first, so when he looked up I said "just wondering if you had any upgrades". It was a busy weekend since the fight was happening at Mandalay Bay next door, so I wasn't expecting much. He said "Let me see if there's anything available." He left the cash on the keyboard while he typed away. After a few minutes, he turned his monitor with a picture of the room, big king bed, and flat screen TV. He asked me "will this be ok for you sir? it's the best I'll be able to do" I said that would work for me and got my keys. The girl I was with didn't see me give the guy the tip and was like "that was weird how he upgraded you just for asking" so I said, "you just gotta know how to talk to people babe" and we went upstairs and hit up our spa tub. When I was pricing the rooms for the promotion I got, that room was $75/more per night, so definately a success. Kinda makes me want to go on vacation and try it again, best bet I made all weekend!

  • Room Booked: Tower Deluxe Room
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Players Room
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 36
  • Check-In: 2007-07-15

Jackpot! brewstarz03 Got A Luxor Room Upgrade


Arrived at the Luxor around 9:40 AM, and was told check-in would be around 12:30. I wandered around after dropping my luggage off with a bell-man, and after about an hour I was getting antsy. Around 11 AM, I returned to the North Tower lobby desk, and politely asked if there was a chance I could have an early check-in. The woman behind the desk promptly started to check, and then after getting my last name, told me my tower room was available. Slipping the $20 between my ID and CC, I handed it to her and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available. She quickly told me nothing was, and that everything was booked up. I was bummed, but asked if a room with a strip view was offered, and she typed around. It was then that I started to make conversation, and mentioned that my girlfriend was coming in later today and that I want to surprise her with a room upgarde. She did more typing and said there was a smoking Players Room available if I wanted it (after telling me EVERYTHING was booked), but said I wanted something non-smoking (in a nice way). After more searching for more than 5 minutes and talking, she finally found me a non-smoking Players Room on the 19th floor. SUCCESS!!!! Nice view, wet bar, 42" plasma tv, but what made it worth it was the KING BED- absolutely incredible.

And I did lie about my girlfriend coming- I'm single. Hey, it's never a bad thing to tell a little white lie!

My family and friends were so jealous, and all wanted me to upgrade their rooms next time!

  • Room Booked: Pryamid Deluxe
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Deluxe
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 31
  • Check-In: 2007-07-09

Jackpot! Tom Got A Luxor Room Upgrade


Clerk knew exactly what was going on. Upgraded us immediately to an East Tower Double on the 19th floor. Would have given us a suite but I needed two beds/nonsmoking. Would definitely do it again.

  • Room Booked: Pyramid Deluxe
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Luxury Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: male / 31
  • Check-In: 2007-07-01

Jackpot! Anonymous Got A Luxor Room Upgrade


We were in town to get married and had most of our guests staying in the hotel (but we didn't reserve blocks of rooms or anything) and we checked in arount noon. The promotion we booked gave us preferred tower check in where there was absolutely no line compared to the 45 minute wait at the pyramid. I was skeptical because the clerk was middle aged but we chatted him up and told him we were in town to get married, and then we slipped him the twenty and asked for an upgrade. He said that he would be able to put us in a suite and we thanked him and went up to the room. It was wonderful, and we were on the 15th floor with a strip view.

  • Room Booked: basic double queen
  • Room Upgrade: basic double queen
  • Hotel Clerk: male / 31
  • Check-In: 2007-06-29

No Dice For Skyfox45 at Luxor...


Got the same. Said due to the busy weekend they were sold out. Doubted that as you could still book every room on the website..sigh. Maybe better luck next time!

  • Room Booked: pyramid deluxe
  • Room Upgrade:
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 36
  • Check-In: 2007-06-25

No Dice For Donnie at Luxor...


I sliped a twenty in between my id and credit card and asked if they had any complimentary upgrades and she slid the Twenty back at me and said that they were booked. She then went and talked to her manager and the said that the could upgrade me to the suite for an extra $75 a night in which was probably a good deal but wanted that money for the rest of Vegas and not for a room.

  • Room Booked: Pyramid double
  • Room Upgrade: East Tower double with a strip view
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 25
  • Check-In: 2007-06-21

Jackpot! Dean Smith Got A Luxor Room Upgrade


Clerk knew exactly what was going on.
Told me she could set me up in the tower, which is a $20 per night upgrade.

  • Room Booked: Basic King
  • Room Upgrade: 30ft bigger room
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 31
  • Check-In: 2007-06-20

No Dice For golfer79 at Luxor...


Got in early around 9:30 but went to timeshare thing to waste 4 hours and got $150 cash for that. Anyways so I get back around 1:30 and go up to the counter. Give her my last name, and she says ah King bed non smoking etc etc. I said yes. She then goes looks likes there are no Kings available right now so that kind of threw everything off right there. As I out my ID $20 I b/ and the CC on the counter I ask say there any complimentary upgrades to a suite or anything, and she says nope for $20 blah a night you can etc etc etc. I don’t think she saw it. So I took a few seconds and kind of looked at the CC $20 and ID, and you said are sure there is nothing available, and then she seemed to notice the money, and gives me the "hold on one second" finger and says just a sec wait for my manager to leave. She then says oh you are tall like my husband and he cant fit in the queen size beds. Types away and finds a King, then gave us some buffet coupons, and some other card with some deals on it. So the $20 paid for themselves in buffet since they were $5 each person. I also got a late checkout time of 1:00 instead of 11:00 not complete failure but no room upgrade really.

  • Room Booked: Tower Deluxe - 2 Queens - non-smoking
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Deluxe - 2 Queens - non-smoking
  • Hotel Clerk: male / 18
  • Check-In: 2007-06-15

No Dice For Baddassmofo at Luxor...


checked in late on Friday night around 11pm - guy was a young male about 23/24 - did the $20 trick and he looked around on computer and said had nothing as the hotel was booked solid - apologized and said he wished there was something he could do but I should come back the next night - he returned the $20 - I believe that he was being honest

  • Room Booked: Tower Deluxe
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Luxury Suite, Top Floor
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 25
  • Check-In: 2007-06-12

Jackpot! abefroman329 Got A Luxor Room Upgrade


ID, credit card, folded $20, "can you check on any available upgrades?" She flipped the pile over, looked at the 20 and started typing away. Only downside was that we got upstairs to discover it was a smoking room, but the smell seemed to dissipate as the days passed and the extra space and seclusion (I never saw a soul get on/off the elevator with us the entire week) were worth the minor inconvenience of the stale cigarette smoke.

Side note: I had booked the PDMILL package and went to redeem the 2-for-1 Fantasy coupon, only to find it was apparently only good for the cheaper tier of seats. However, another $20 to the usher got us moved to the front row. Never fails to amaze me.

  • Room Booked: Pyramid room
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Luxury Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 18
  • Check-In: 2007-06-06

Jackpot! LuxorGuest Got A Luxor Room Upgrade


Clerk initially offered a tower room upgrade (initially reserved a pyramid room), I asked if there were any suites, she said yes, there are player's suites and tower luxury suites. Player's suites are better equipped but about the same size as a standard room. So I took the tower luxury suite.

  • Room Booked: Pyramid
  • Room Upgrade: Pyramid Spa Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 25
  • Check-In: 2007-06-02

Jackpot! Kyle Got A Luxor Room Upgrade


I had initially booked the Pyramid Spa Suite for June 3rd and 4th (Sunday-Monday). My schedule changed and I was able to get into town a day earlier. There was no availability on the Luxor web site for the Spa Suite on June 2nd. I went ahead and booked the standard pyramid hoping the $20 trick could get me in the suite a night earlier and a lot cheaper. A young attractive African American woman named Tiffany called me over to her station and I explained my situation to her while handing her the $20 bill between the license and credit card. "I think we are pretty booked, but let me check." She laid the the $20 bill out on the counter and said "your in luck." She got me upgraded me from the Pyramid Standard to the Spa suite for Saturday night and let me sign the paper work for both of my reservations right then so I wouldn't have to check out and check back in. I'm only upset that I spent the extra money to book the suite in the first place. I have no doubt I could have had the same success had I just booked the standard. I'll know next time.

  • Room Booked: Pyramid Deluxe
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Luxury Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: female / 18
  • Check-In: 2007-05-30

Jackpot! jw2652 Got A Luxor Room Upgrade


I had never tried front desk tipping before but after reading the postings I decided to give it a try. I arrived at the hotel around 2pm and there were only four people in front of me so I decided it was a good time to try the $20 trick. I folded the twenty between my id and cc and ask if there were any complimentary upgrades. The clerk (who I assume must have been new) had to go ask her supervisor but came back and said that a non-smoking king Tower Luxury Suite was available on the 20th floor.

  • Room Booked: Pyramid Spa Suite
  • Room Upgrade: Tower Deluxe Suite
  • Hotel Clerk: male / 25
  • Check-In: 2007-05-29

Jackpot! hatteras52 Got A Luxor Room Upgrade


By Luxor standards the community check in line was short (around 15-20) which fed to 5 check in stations that were open. I made some small talk about liking this property, and politely asked about upgrades. Like others, after my request, my agent spoke with his supervisor. I was provided a Tower Deluxe Suite (size 1,050 sq feet) on the 21st floor (22 floors in that building). Later on I checked the room rates, and since it's a slow time of the year, the Tower Deluxe Suites were available for $180/night, so they must have had a lot of room inventory. Though it was great to have all that room, the furnishings/towels/etc. were nothing special. HEY but for $20, it was a great deal. Cheers.


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