Use On Demand App Promo Codes To Save Money In Las Vegas

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Everyone is looking for a deal when visiting Las Vegas. The $20 Trick is often a way to get a sweet hotel room upgrade. Another way to get discounts today is to share promo codes from on demand apps that you may already use in your everyday life.

On demand apps like Uber and Postmates are apps that help make your life more simple by providing goods and services whenever and wherever you want them. These apps are still relatively new and are aggressively looking to expand their user base.

Many of the on demand apps offer users a reciprocating promo code for free or discount services. When you share your promo code with a friend who uses the on demand service for the first time both you and your friend will receive a discount or free service.

For example, if you share an Uber promo code with a friend who uses the service for the first time you’ll each receive a $5 credit. If you travel with a group of three other friends to Las Vegas and none of them have used Uber before you’ll receive a four $5 credits for each new person that uses the service. If you happen to refer them as a driver with your uber driver invite code, you can get up to $500 dollars. When you add Lyft to your on demand car travel, you can double the amount of ride credits. If you split fares, it may be able to take cars all over Las Vegas for a weekend.

Hotel Tonight is one of my favorite apps to use when looking for a hotel room at the last minute. I’ve actually used Hotel Tonight to book a few inexpensive hotel rooms for a mid-week working staycation.

Prices for hotel rooms with Hotel Tonight have always been discounted from advertised rates. For this particular trip, I opened the app each day to see which hotel had the best deal. It was a fun way to explore a few hotels. Since I’m a local driving around to hotels in different parts of Las Vegas wasn’t an issue.

You should note that the Hotel Tonight reservations a listed in the same category as Expedia or other travel websites. Much like other online travel agency reservations, you can still try the $20 Trick on top of the discounted rate from the app. Hotel Tonight’s promo code gives both you and the recipient a $25 on a stay. That savings essentially covers a resort fee at most Las Vegas hotels for one night.

On demand food service apps are changing the way we deal with the munchies in hotels. You are no longer limited to late night food from room service or the restaurants in the hotel. Apps like Postmates and UberEats are just a couple food delivery services that operate in Las Vegas.

Since you’ll be ordering from local restaurants you won’t pay the increased prices that you’ll find on the Vegas Strip. Depending on the casino, the delivery might even be quicker than room service. Having food delivered is definitely more convenient than walking through the hotel to find a bite to eat before passing out.

On demand apps make life easier. Sharing on demand app promo codes is a good way to save money. The one thing that’s not convenient is having to open each app to get the promo codes to share with friends. There’s a website called that lets you create a single page to organize all of your on demand app promo codes.

You may use on demand services every day and you might just use them on vacation. Either way sharing promo codes is a good way to get discounts in Las Vegas and in your real life. This website lets you keep all promo codes at one easy place to share so that you can save some money on your next visit to Las Vegas.