Get The Right Las Vegas Hotel Upgrades With The $20 Trick

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The $20 Trick has become popular for a reason. Everyone loves receiving better products and services for free or cheap. The $20 Trick is a great way to get a hotel room upgrade in Las Vegas for as little as $20. The savings can be huge and the memories of the Las Vegas vacation can be outrageous.

A friend is making her annual summer vacation to Las Vegas in a few months and asked for a little help. We discussed different hotels in the Caesars Entertainment chain. I offered a handful of recommendations and information about upgrades over the past year. It wasn’t long before a hotel was chosen and reservations were made.

After making the reservation she noted that the hotel room seemed kind of small. The price of the room, decor, and location are each more important than the size so the room remains reserved. However, she’d still like a larger room if possible. I’ll give you a tip on how I almost alway obtain an upgrade to a larger room shortly.

Since she’s a Diamond member of the Total Rewards players club I recommended that she could ask for an upgrade at check-in. If available, VIP check-in will often upgrade higher tiers without an upcharge. The $20 Trick, in this case, could come in handy to seal the deal for an upgrade. I’ll discuss this with her another time. Information overload can take away the fun of planning a trip to Las Vegas.

We all have different priorities when looking for an upgrade. We both prefer a larger room or suite if it makes sense. Some people prefer a sweet view of the Vegas Strip and only need a bed and a place to shower. We all have different preferences.

This discussion got me to thinking of some different hotel room upgrades we could request in Las Vegas with the $20 trick. We talk a lot about how to get an upgrade but not about what specific upgrades we should ask for.

Hotel Room Type And Size

This is the most popular upgrade. Everyone wants to move from an entry level room to a massive suite for just the tip. A suite might not work for everyone. Do you need two beds? Most suites only come with a single King bed. If you don’t want to share a bed or sleep on a couch, a suite might be the right upgrade. Sometimes a larger mid-level room upgrade will do.

My greatest upgrade was for two single guys. We let the desk agent know that we didn’t want to share a bed when asking for an upgrade. Since reservations were light, we were each given our own suite! It was unexpected and amazing. This is the benefit of mid-week travel.

Hotel Room Location

Where do you want your hotel room to be located? Casinos with multiple towers offer different experiences. For example, I love the Augustus Tower at Caesars Palace because it’s away from the chaos of the casino. This is rare because I usually prefer to be near the action.

Sometimes just choosing odd versus even number rooms can make the difference in experience. You can hear Drai’s Nightclub at The Cromwell if you’re in a room with a view of the Vegas Strip facing south. Rooms on the other side of the hotel look at a wall but have less noise. What’s more important? A view or sleep?

If long walks a pain you might want to request a room closer to the elevator. Hotels like Aria and The Venetian seem to have never-ending hallways. Spending five minutes walking to a room might be annoying if you’re in Las Vegas for a long trip. You may be able to bundle some of these requests, but it’s important to know what you want when you’re asking for an upgrade.

Lastly, the higher the floor the better the view may be. This is something to keep in mind when asking for a Vegas Strip view since there are so many potential obstructions.

Hotel Room Amenities

Two beds might be the most important amenity if you’re traveling with a friend and don’t want to share a bed. Some people want a room with a large bathtub. Not all hotel rooms in Las Vegas have bathtubs nowadays. This could be important for an upgrade.

If you’re traveling with expensive jewelry might want only want to stay in a hotel room with a safe. If you travel with medication, you might need a refrigerator. These aren’t necessarily upgraded rooms since of these requests can be made in advance. However, the $20 Trick may seal the deal on getting the exact room that you want.

Hotel Room Views

This is often the easiest upgrade for desk agents to make. Everyone prefers a room of the Vegas Strip and that’s why hotel operators are charging for this now. These rooms might be more accessible for a complimentary upgrade. The mountain view may be less desirable but it’s often quieter. The $20 Trick might come in most handy if you want a view of the Vegas Strip and an attraction like the Bellagio Fountains.

Other Hotel Room Upgrades and Discounts

Sometimes Las Vegas is busy and the upgrade you’d like isn’t available. See if the desk agent has access to other perks. Sometimes they’ll have access to complimentary drink tickets and coupon books. Maybe they’ll even have show tickets. The growing expense of resort fees can prove to be a beneficial complementary item. These fees can be over $40 per night. It all adds up!

My Hotel Room Upgrade Tip

The most important upgrade to me is almost always the size of a hotel room. I’ve received this upgrade request all but once. A view of the Vegas Strip is great, but it’s not a priority. I’ve visited Las Vegas so often (and now live here) that it’s not that big of a deal.

When asking for an upgrade I always tell the desk agent that the view doesn’t matter as much as the size of the room. Since most people prefer a view of the Vegas Strip this leaves some of the larger rooms and suites looking out to the desert more available. Boom – big room access!

Not everyone feels this way about Las Vegas views. We all have our preferences. Make your priority list and make sure that you get the upgrade you want next time you try the $20 Trick.