Don’t Get Crazy About Rising Hotel Room Prices In Las Vegas

Posted on recently released their 2016 hotel room prices and Las Vegas only saw a slight increase. The average hotel room price in Las Vegas at in 2016 was $138 per night before taxes and fee. This was an increase of 5% from 2015.

One reason that hotel prices in Las Vegas have increased over the past year is because there were a record number of visitors again. Another reason for the increase is that convention attendees in Las Vegas more than doubled in 2016. Last year they were 14.7% of all visitors but were only 7.1% in 2015. These trends are continuing in early 2017 and show no signs of slowing down.

The Las Vegas Conventions and Visitors Authority has already released the average hotel room price for January of 2017. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the average daily room rate in Las Vegas set a record high. The average daily room rate for the first month of 2017 was $150.21 before taxes and fees.

Las Vegas Isn’t So Bad Compared To Other Cities

Even with hotel room rates on the rise, Las Vegas is still a bargain compared to other tourist destinations around the world. In fact, Americans love Las Vegas! It was the most popular destination for people booking at says prices remained relatively unchanged among the top 10 most popular destinations in America. Here are the other nine top destinations in the United States.

  • New York – $252 per night (prices down 3%)
  • Orlando – $112 per night (prices up 2%)
  • Miami – $186 per night (prices down 5%)
  • San Francisco – $218 per night (prices down 3%)
  • Honolulu – $263 per night (prices up 5%)
  • Los Angeles – $183 per night (prices up 5%)
  • San Diego – $157 per night (prices up 2%)
  • Chicago – $202 per night (prices down 3%)
  • Washington D.C. – $212 per night (prices up 1%)

Even if you add resort fees to the base room rate in Las Vegas there aren’t many cities in the top 10 that have lower hotel room prices than Sin City. If we estimate that the average resort fee in Las Vegas is $30 there were only two cities on this list with less expensive hotel room prices. When you add $30 to the 2016 price of $138 you come up with $168 per night in Las Vegas on average.

If you are tired of the rates and are looking for something different you might want to look at another country. Seven out of the 10 international travel destinations for Americans saw a large price decrease in 2017.

Prices dropped 7% for Thailand (now $93 per night) and 2% for China (now $134 per night), compared to 2015. If Europe is more your cup of International tea, hotel room prices in London were down 11% from 2015 to $230 per night. Hotel room prices in Paris were down 12% to $184 per night in 2016.

Let’s not get too upset about rising hotel room prices in Las Vegas. Nobody likes that the prices are increasing, but hotel rooms in Las Vegas are still very reasonable compared to other major travel destinations around the world.

Whether you’re shooting for a sweet upgrade or possibly removing resort fees it looks like that $20 trick might come in more handy in 2017 in Las Vegas.