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Room Upgrades: Las Vegas Hotels Rated

Not everywhere in Vegas offers the same odds to bag a room upgrade. Here's how we rate the major Vegas casino hotels, with your percentage odds of a room upgrade, based on field reports from our Vegas Insiders...


1. Palazzo
96% Got Upgrades


Palazzo - the world's largest hotel- offers five-Diamond & AAA luxury and casino with modern ambiance. Features a 20,000 sq ft Lamborghini and exotic cars showroom.


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Las Vegas Hilton

2. Las Vegas Hilton
89% Got Upgrades


Las Vegas Hilton is the largest Hilton hotel in the world, lots of themed rooms, huge pool and spa and even a Star Trek theme park.


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Planet Hollywood

3. Planet Hollywood
89% Got Upgrades


Planet Hollywood is a recent arrival in Vegas, with large resort and Casino with tons of shopping, dining, gambling and entertainment.


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Caesars Palace

4. Caesars Palace
89% Got Upgrades


Caesars Palace pairs ancient Roman style with amazing fountains, statues and pools - built in 1966, the hotel has been a favorite of celebrities and high-rollers.


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5. Mirage
89% Got Upgrades


Check out Siegfried and Roy white tiger habitat at the Mirage, along with other wildlife and flora exhibits.


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6. Bally's
87% Got Upgrades


Bally's is well-known for their large rooms, quality service, and luxurious central location on the strip.


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7. Trump
86% Got Upgrades


The iconic Trump tower features an outdoor heated pool and 4pm checkout time.


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8. Wynn
85% Got Upgrades


Wynn is a now-legendary Five Star and Five Diamond resort casino, absolute luxury, golf course.


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Treasure Island

9. Treasure Island
85% Got Upgrades


Treasure Island (AKA 'TI') features some of the best entertainment in Vegas, rooms are cozy, prices are fair.


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10. Venetian
85% Got Upgrades


Venetian is an AAA & Five-diamond rated Resort and Casino, you'll find the Blue Man Group, nightclubs, and tons of shopping.


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Vegas Visitors Speak Out!

An astounding 2747 Vegas visitors have told us what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to room upgrades in Vegas hotels. An incredible 79% of us got lucky last year! Here are the latest field reports from our users...


We checked in at about 6pm. Handed the clerk mt sandwiched $20 and ask of there were any upgrades available. She left the counter for a moment but came back and offered the mini suite. We took it immediately considering... Read on...


Dana Booked Via Orbitz

The "upgrade" here was a total joke. I don't know how small the basic room is but the room I was upgraded too was "445" square feet supposedly, which it didn't seem any bigger than any other room that you... Read on...



I talked to the first clerk available. I gave him a $50.00 sandwich and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available. He handed it back and said if I was happy with the service after check in, he would... Read on...



We checked in late Monday night, (Tuesday 1AM actually), and went to the first available clerk. I gave him a $50.00 sandwich. He placed the bill between us and he said I could tip him after if I was pleased... Read on...



I waited in line for about 30 minutes as the check-in area was very busy upon arrival. I handed the clerk my ID, credit card, and a tightly folded $20 bill. He took the sandwich and thanked me very much.... Read on...


Brad Booked Via

I checked in around 6pm on a Monday, and there was a huge line. It took almost an hour to get to the front counter but when I did I was helped my a guy in his late 20's. I... Read on...



We arrived at the hotel around 4:00PM on a Sunday and the line for check in was quite long, so we didn\'t have the option to choose a clerk. We ended up with a male clerk in his 20s... Read on...



So..Yaaaay...It worked for me!!!!!

See below for the inside scoop and additional tips to save.

My hubby, mom, and I are here at the Palazzo staying for 4 nights . We booked two King Luxury Suite... Read on...



So..Yaaaay...It worked for me!!!!!

See below for the inside scoop and additional tips to save.

My hubby, mom, and I are here at the Palazzo staying for 4 nights . We booked two King Luxury Suite... Read on...


Matt Booked Via

I had just seen this site days before my trip so I had to try it! What the heck, if they don't take tips, you get your money back. No risk!

So, I arrived at the hotel... Read on...